Hair extensions-How much hair do you need?

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A recent topic/guide written inspired me to add a few truths about hair extensions also.

Myself a hairdresser for 25 years, hair extensionest for 15 years, an international hair merchant for 15 years and a teacher of hair extensions thought it about time a REAL guide about hair weight was due.

Another previous guide mentioned about wefted human hair and always make sure you buy 3.5 feet.
The measurement of the width of the weft does not make any difference it is the weight you need to look at.
All manufactures make various widths of wefts.

Amount of hair needed for a full head:

12'' length you will need approx 75-100grams in weight (of quality double drawn hair...more about this later)
14'' approx                                100-125 grams
16'' approx                                125-150 grams
18'' approx                                150- 175 grams
20'' approx                                 175-200 grams
22'' approx                                200-250grams

If you are buying loose hair to be bonded in this works out fine as you can buy this hair from reputable companies in 25 gram bunches. (Usually European or Indian hair)

Wefted hair works differently as it is usually sold per bag either by weight or measurement of width. (Usually Chinese hair)
Mostly the weft bags weigh around 75-100 grams so looking at the above weights you may need to buy more than one bag.

The hair that is wefted also tends to have thinner ends than that of loose hair, this is because the hair is not true double drawn.
This means that in each 100 gram weight of weft you will have various lengths of hair throughout the weft, some being as short as 12'' if you buy a weft at 16'' for example, this makes the ends much thinner and can affect the end result.

My feeling is this is done to keep the hair costs down at manufacturing level and to make it more affordable to the public, fine if you are watching the pennies I have nothing against this.

A true double drawn weft will set you back many hundreds of pounds and tends to be only the top range hair like European hair ( as worn by Cheryl Cole X FACTOR who wears loose European hair).

So the measurement is not the ONLY important thing to look at, weight is the issue.
The measurement becomes more important if you are buying a clip in extension.

On the market today are lots of choices and can be very confusing especially on ebay!
The best thing to do is measure around your head from hairline to hairline where you want the clip in to fit, then look at the different products available and you can work out from their the other measurements you want to be included within the pack, example if you measure 8 inches then you will need this within the clip in but also need smaller pieces to fit underneath and maybe above or around the front.
Buying a weft without clips can also be good as then you can measure the exact amount you need.

Double wefted.............. this does exist within the hair extension market today and is clearly seen on the weft it is doubled, yes they make them like this but they also make single wefts with just one strand of weft, I know we sell them in our retail shop and they are made of fibre with only one single weft. A simple cheap line we offer for the money conscientious teenagers.

The truth about Remy hair............. Remy means the correct way up pure and simply nothing else!

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I know about hair I trained in ITALY many many years ago, I was taught how to prepare hair straight from the head in its raw state, how to remove all the short hairs from within the bundle to make double drawn hair, how to bleach it, how to dye it. Knowledge not many people have in the UK today.

I also own a retail shop have websites selling hair and I train people to apply hair extensions. So my guide comes to you from a true professional.......more coming soon.

About the different types of hair on the market today...the truth!
Where does all the hair come from?
Plus much more coming soon


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