Halti or Canny Collar?

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Halti or Canny Collar?

As a dog trainer, we know just how important it is to have a helping hand. We have tested many products and these two always come in competition with each other. So which one do you pick? Firstly, and most importantly it depends on your breed. Although both the Canny Collar and the Halti are made for all breed types, there is a distinct difference between the two. 

Below is the Canny Collar:

We think that this collar is brilliant for small dogs, or dogs that have different proportioned heads, e.g. Cavalier King Charles. This collar allows for more flexibility and works along the same principle that it gets tighter when the dog starts pulling. However, the nose band is small and not padded, this can cause damage to the dogs  nose bridge. The Canny Collar is also very loose and it is very easy to slip off with one paw. Another advantage of this collar is that you can control the dog from different positions, unlike the Halti where the lead must be positioned in the right place e.g. the lead must be under the chin and either to the left or the right of the dogs face, should the dog change direction the owner should also change the lead positioning. A disadvantage of this collar is the dog has to effectively wear 2 collars when walking, in some cases this can be uncomfortable. A normal collar with the identification tag on we will call this a day collar, and the Canny Collar. A good feature of this collar is that it be modified to be a day collar, e.g. when the dog is let off the lead to run free. However, this is a bit fussy. Overall this is a very flexible collar, however in some cases this offers too much flexibility.

Below is the Halti:

We have used the Halti for years, this does not allow for as much flexibility. Due to there being a fixed space for the dog to open up his mouth this can sometimes be too tight or too loose. However, we believe that you have greater control and with a large and powerful dog this is exactly what you need. The webbing over the nose band is thicker, you can also purchase a padded Halti for extra comfort, this reduces the risk of rubbing. Dogs can also slip these off, however it is harder and there is also a safety link for the collar so that, if the Halti is slipped the dog can still be led by the day collar. The Halti does offer very tight and controlled movements of the dogs head, if you have a stubborn dog this is just what they need in order to guide them. Overall this is a more rigid collar and is successful in manoeuvring dogs to the correct position. 

The bottom line?

We would recommend the Halti over the Canny Collar, pulling is normally an issue in larger breeds, due to strength. The Halti gives added peace of mind as it is a very rigid piece of equipment, there is more control and tighter movements that can be made with it. Both the Canny Collar and Halti come in different sizes and it is important to try more than 1 size to find the best fit.
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