Horse Shampoo for Hair Growth

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Not long ago, equestrian enthusiasts noticed what effects horse shampoo (particularly Mane-N-Tail) had on the horse's hair in terms of thickness, volume and overall quality. This led to people trying it out on their own hair and as a result, the companies who produced the product took advantage of it and widened their target market. They created a horse shampoo...for humans. 
This bizarre story is what actually happened and many people are using horse shampoo to promote hair growth. The explanation for this is that due to the similar protein structures of horses and humans, they can provide similar benefits such as faster and thicker hair growth.

However the reviews for this shampoo have all been mixed. Some say it has done wonders for their hair and keep coming back to buy more whereas others have been really disappointed saying it dried their hair up making it wiry. So the effects vary depending on your hair type, being unsuitable for dry hair. 

There has been much talk about how powerful this product is, but is it too strong? After all it was made for horses and potential side effects should definitely be considered.

Firstly, human skin differs greatly from horse skin, you don't need to be scientist to know that. They have a different pH level which is suited for their own environment which takes into account factors such as body temperature, environmental temperature and the type of bacteria we are exposed to. Human skin pH is slightly more acidic which makes it hard for bacteria to survive on our skin. We also have many natural oils (both skin and hair) which are responsible for keeping moisture.

When you use any concentrated shampoo with harsh chemicals, the excess lather from it coupled with hot water from the shower can strip your skin and hair of these natural oils and also alter the pH of your skin making it favourable for bacterial growth.

So when using shampoos like these you need to be careful with the harmful side effects too. Since this is a fairly new product and not designed for a human, experiments need to be carried out to show the effects on human hair and health in the long run.

What is a better alternative for hair growth?

One of the most effective ways to increase hair growth and quality is to reduce inflammation in the scalp and promote blood circulation. To reduce inflammation, the Taoist soap works amazingly well and is made from naturally occurring elements so there are no harsh substances present. This soap soothes the scalp and doesn't strip away the natural oils in your body, in fact it supports them. If you want to know more about this soap its worth googling Taoist Soap.  You will feel the effects after the very first use, and see a change in the amount of hair that falls.

Since you know that hair growth depends on the blood circulation in your scalp, it will make a lot of sense to start massaging your hair daily. Only 15 minutes is all it takes to see actual results. All you have to do is use your fingers to massage all over your scalp, oil is not necessary although it can help such as emu oil. People have been doing this all their life and even by the time they are 60, they have a full head of hair, so it's worth the effort.

For improved hair growth, many people neglect diet thinking what they eat has no effect on their hair. If certain foods can damage your skin, then what makes you think it won't affect your hair growth. After all, the quality of hair produced on your head is determined by the health of the skin on your scalp. Foods which promote healthy skin and hair, as well as supporting your vital organs can all contribute to healthier hair. 

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