How To Maximise Your Sound System With a Car Stereo

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The only thing that can make that epic road trip even better? An equally epic soundtrack. Here’s how to get the best sound out of your car's stereo.

1. Crank Up the Volume

When choosing a car stereo, go for one that has enough power to blast out your favourite tunes loud and proud. Make the most of the local radio station, a classical music CD or, if your stereo has a USB port, a playlist of handpicked tunes from your phone (just remember that all-important aux cable).

Get even more volume by adding car stereo speakers. It isn’t always the case that the most powerful is the largest – if you’re looking for truly huge sound, go for one with a good RMS power rating. This refers to the speaker's efficiency in terms of the amount of volume it's producing per unit of wattage. For example, its output might be 50 watts x 4, which is considered peak performance. Make sure that the speaker you end up choosing can handle equal to, or more than, the peak power of your vehicle's stereo.

2. Bass And Sound Quality

Of course, there's no point in having the volume if the quality of the sound isn't up to much. Premium car stereos can pick out the nuances of your favourite tracks, such as the bass, for a better listening experience. Choose a radio with car amplifier adaptability for even more oomph, or add a set of subwoofers. Depending on the kind of amplifier you go for, they can be lightweight and compact enough to easily transport.

When deciding on an amplifier, you can pick from mono channel (those with just one channel), two channel (those which can power two speakers), three channel and so on, all the way up to six channel (that’s some seriously sweet sound).

3. Digital Display

A clear, bright LCD display makes it quick and easy to use your car stereo while you’re driving and to flip between tracks or radio stations at the push of a button. Keep your display as clean and hygienic as possible with plastic screen covers. A display also illuminates the devices that are connected and those which are being used.

If you choose a car stereo with Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily link up your smartphone to play your favourite songs. Creating the perfect road trip soundtrack has never been so easy.