How To Spot Genuine Crest Supreme Pro Whitestrips

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 Crest Supreme Professional Whitestrips are not available in stores, so many a first time buyer is unsure of what the genuine product looks like. There are a variety of fakes out there, and spotting these is essential in order to avoid being scammed into buying a fake product that will not work as well if at all, and in some cases may even damage your teeth!

 It is essential to warn other buyers and Ebay if you are sold a fake product. Only ever buy the authentic Crest product that we sell, we understand how important your teeth are to you, and you will NEVER receive a harmful fake or faulty product from us. We get our product direct from the manufacturers that are based in America, we guarantee that our products are genuine.

 In this guide I will cover a few areas to help you ascertain that the product you have received is genuine.

 Here is what you should look for in the genuine product.

  1. The Quality of Packaging
  2. Packaging Design
  3. Printed Text And Area Of Manufacture That Will Be Found On The Original Product
  4. The Serial Number, Which Numbers are Used and What they Mean to You
  5. Avoiding out of Date Products

1.  The Quality Of Packaging

 The Crest Supreme Professional Whitestrips will come in a glossy plastic pouch with two strips to one pouch. If you have ordered a week's supply then you will receive 7 pouches (use one pouch daily.) The plastic pouches should be glossy and smooth to the touch, the dimensions of each pouch will always be the same as they are cut this way during production. If your pouches are differing in size, then they are not genuine. Each pouch will have a professional smooth cut to it and measure approximately 106mm x 54mm.

2. Packaging Design

Authentic Crest Supreme Professional Whitestrips notably have a dark blue and white colour scheme. On the front of the pouch seven light blue lines from the left hand side intersect ten light blue lines from the right hand side of the front of the pouch. The left hand side lines are spaced further apart, and are raised higher then those from the left hand side. If your item does not have these lines then they are fake. If your item has these lines but they are white instead of light blue then the item is once again fake.

 The Crest logo will be on the front of the packaging, with the trademark red "C" and blue "rest" these will show up as having black shading to them. The "Whitestrips" text underneath is written over a picture of a curved whitestrip, although quite faint it should be clear enough that you can see some detail on it. If this is not there, then the item is not genuine.

 On the reverse of the pouch the country of manufacture can be found in a dark blue box. Also on the back you may sometimes notice that the white border underneath the country of manufacture can differ in thickness from one batch of whitestrips to another, if this happens it is nothing to worry about, this is normal and does not mean the item is fake.

3. Printed Text And Area Of Manufacture That Will Be Found On The Original Product

 All text is written in the dark navy blue to keep to the colour scheme. When there is a dark navy background, the text is written in white. Only the serial number that runs up the left hand side of the pouch should be in black. Everything else should be written in dark blue or white. If not, then the item is a fake.

All text should be written as shown in the photographs. Most importantly in the dark blue box on the back of the pouch it should read in capitals:

AND/ET/Y TORONTO, ON M5W 1C5      98742610

If this differs in any way then the item is fake. Crest is owned by Procter & Gamble, so you will see their name on here. If Procter & Gamble are not mentioned then the item is not genuine.

4. The Serial Number, Which Numbers are Used and What they Mean to You

 Every individual pouch has a serial number running up the left hand side of the front. The serial numbers are in black and on the genuine Crest product they are made up of many individual black dots as I have tried to show here.

 For example here you can see the serial number < L > 9135BT43. This serial number is unique to all whitestrips in this particular box. If you are sold a weeks supply of whitestrips and you find the serial numbers are different then this simply means that you have been sent Whitestrips from different boxes.

*Buyers should note that a full original box contains 42 pouches (84 Strips) they are broken down and sold into one week supplies to make them affordable. It is not necessary to need 6 weeks worth of this product as it is very expensive this way and works so effectively in as little as one week.*

 Although not necessarily a major issue as they will still do the same job regardless of serial number, the Best Before date on the Whitestrips could differ. Whether this is an issue is all down to buyer preference. We do not personally sell Whitestrips in sets with different serial numbers, it is in our opinion just bad selling habits.

5. Avoiding Out of Date Products

 Every buyer should be aware that there is another type of packaging for the Supreme Professional Whitestrips. This old packaging contained just one strip per pouch and was discontinued. Some sellers may still be selling Whitestrips in the old packaging.
We strongly recommend you do not buy from sellers selling in the old packaging.

The old packaging looks like this.


The reason for this is mainly that due to the fact the item in the packaging is discontinued and has been for a while now, most if not all stock is now past it's sell by date. You wouldn't buy an out of date product in the supermarket, so do not do so on ebay.

Many sellers hoard stock, so they do not have the freshest possible product available. At KoochieKoochieKoo we are constantly buying new stock only when we have sold the current stock in order to give you the best sell by dates available. Unlike others, we also seal the product to maintain it's condition.

Unlike many sellers we guarantee the authenticity of our product, and along with 1porschegirl, we are a top trusted ebay seller.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this guide and I hope it has reassured any ebayers weary of receiving fakes from Hong Kong and China. If any ebayers have any concerns over the authenticity of a Crest Supreme Professional product they have brought from another seller, let me know and I will do my best to help.

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