How to spot fake Calvin Klein Underwear?

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Most Calvin Klein products sold on eBay are fakes. We know because we have carried out test purchases from 5 of the largest sellers on eBay based in the UK. The amazing thing is people don't seem to be able to tell that these items are fake with sellers gaining powerseller status with feedback of 99.7%+

Not only are counterfeit products giving customers a raw deal with poor quality inferior product, they infringe on the intellectual property of Calvin Klein, fake goods have also been linked to organised crime, people trafficking and child labour.

As of the April 2011, Calvin Klein is discontinuing all 365 items, to be replaced with a range called Calvin Klein One. As such quantities of 365 products are strictly limited and only available in White and Black, certain sizes are now no longer available.

How to spot sellers of fake products;

They are selling alot of Calvin Klein products at over 50% off RRP when these are still mainline products or vastly cheaper than reputable discount online stores.
They often sell only one or very few of the wide range of Calvin Klein products available.
The registered business address on eBay does not exist, and or the telephone number given does not connect.
The sizing of products does not meet with the standard product sizing of Calvin Klein products.
The colour schemes offered by the sellers are not available from legitimate sellers or on the CKU website.

How to spot fake products;


Packaging should clearly denote the product that is inside. On 365 items, there should be a sticker denoting, product name, product code, size and colour with a product style motif this should also show the colours. On all products there should also be a barcode, product code with colour code and size. On the packaging should also be a printed product code which should match each of these stickers. There should also be no mistakes on the packaging in text and spacing. For example, Warnaco is often on fakes as Wamaco, and the spacing of Underwear is shown as Under wear. Multipacks will also have a sticker denoting the quantity.

The packaging specifically with 365 items should be from the front clear but slightly tinted. The reverse should be clear but slightly shiny, with a rectangular display window with curved edging (window is not always on all products, but will be on the majority).

All 365 underwear items should come sealed in packet with a plastic hook which seals the product and for hanging. All non-365 items with the exception of 3 pack briefs and t-shirts, should always come boxed individually.

Calvin Klein One items come in a new style white corrugated box with high quality print and imagery on both front and a small item on reverse.


The product often may looks similar, however comparison can easily show which is fake. Fake products are often incorrectly sized, especially in the gusset and the fly. The stitching will also not be to the same standard, stitching should be tight, and the finishes should be professional. There should be no overlap of fabric at the waistband. There should also be three labels inside all 365 underwear items. On the reverse of one of these labels should be product code which should correspond with the packaging and all product labels and barcodes. Tagless products should have no label and be printed on to the rear of the garment, it should still have a distributors label.

The waistband text may be distorted from the genuine item, the 'e' of Klein is often always incorrect on fakes, it should be a semi-circle. The waistband may also vary in size from the genuine item.

If you have items which you think are fake please feel free to contact us.
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