Instant Electric Water Heater Taps sold on Ebay

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On the face of it, these electric taps are a brilliant idea because they only heat up the water as it passes through them so no need to store hot water in a cylinder, so this is excellent for economy. They are very easy to install as there is just one inlet to which the cold water supply is connected and the electric power is supplied by a standard 13amp socket and plug.

I bought 4 of these taps around 2 years ago, Models JDR1D, JDR2D, JDR3D and JDR6D. After this period of usage they all started developing problems. The electrics either stopped working or hairline cracks started to appear in the body which caused external leaks. On examination of the interior where the copper heating coil is, I noticed that the plastic had started to bubble on the inside and the external surface was discoloured. The first two photos show the inside deterioration and the last photo shows the discolouration to  the body of the tap. 

The hairline cracks could possibly allow internal leaking to the electric side of the tap with disastrous consequences. I would not recommend these taps for the reasons I have given above, unless you are prepared to change them every 2 years. I have since replaced them all with standard taps

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