Kanlux Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

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We have a new range of indoor and outdoor lighting. Range includes LED indoor and outdoor lighting, LED lamps, Garden light fittings, Desk lamps.

Kanlux also have a range of Consumer with all different rated circuit breakers.

Kanlux started selling products in 1989 and now are one of the biggest and longest acting Polish company of the lighting sector. 

With over 1200 items available which we can deliver all over the world. (Click here to view all Kanlux Products)

Indoor Lighting

Kanlux have a great range on indoor lighting, from wall lights, ceiling lights, desk lamps, in- built floor lights, under counter strip lighting these will light up any room.

Choose from LED, Halogen, Fluorescent tubes and Energy Saving bulb

We have a big range of spot lights available in Matt Chrome, Chrome, White, Antic, Gold &Aluminium.

Also available a wide range of matching wall and ceiling fittings.

We also have a great range of bathroom light fittings

For Spot Lighting click here

For all ceiling light fittings click here

For all Kanlux bulbs click here

Outdoor lighting

From floor light to LED garden post to in built wall or floor lighting

Light up the garden path with the wide range of post lighting with matching wall lights.

Can't see down the garden steps at night? With the in -built brick and floor lighting it will light up your way. In all different shapes,style and sizes you will be able to find something to suit.

We have a floor lights with movement sensor and with the new range that include the LED version which will save you money.

For all Garden lighting by Kanlux Click here

Consumer units and modules

Kanlux are big in consumer units also known as fused boards. All being made of white ABS plastic , terminal have spaces for 4 ,6, 8, 12, 18 also double and triple levels which can take up to 36 modules.

Please have a look at the link below which show all the different shapes and sizes of the units: Consumer units and modules click here

We also sell the modules which are also known as overcurrent circuit breaker. Modules again come in all different AMP size and different colours for the amount of AMPs.

AMPs sizes are 1a, 2a, 4a, 6a, 10a, 13a, 16a, 20a, 25a, 32a, 40a , 50a and 63a.

All modules are made of plastic and have a coloured switch. Modules come in either single, double , triple or quadruple depending on what power is needed: Overcurrent circuit breakers click here


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