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Hist ory:

With a history over a hundred years, Yunnan Baiyao is a totally natural herbal medicine in China which has been used for healing wounds and pain relief. Combined the soul of Chinese thousands years’ traditional herbal medicine, it is developed from herbs, long renowned for their healing functions, endemic to Yunnan Province, famed as the Chinese Kingdom of medical herbs.


In the year 1937, Mr Quhuanzhang donated 30,000 bottles of his Panacea to the Dian Troops 58 and 60, helping them complete the mission to conquer the Taierzhuang Battle in the War of Anti-Japanese Invasion. Yunnan Baiyao was highly praised and admitted by the troops as “Three Treasures to Take With”. Many injured soldiers’ lives were saved by the medicine. Yunnan Baiyao also accompanied the heroic Red Army in the famous Long March, its miraculous effect and fame in healing wounds and relieving pains were spread quickly and widely by these who benefited from it. Many Chinese traveling overseas also take this magic medicine with them, making Yunnan Baiyao diffuse around the world.

Thanks to the great concern of Premier Zhou En’lai, Yunnan Baiyao Factory was established in 1971 for this magic medicine’s further researches and large scale manufacture, its raw material cultivation base was built as well. Yunnan Baiyao’s fame kept growing while uncountable patients were benefited from its perfect curative effect.

In 1993, Yunnan Baiyao Industry Co., Ltd. was established whilst being listed in Shen Zhen Stock Exchange. In 1996, Yunnan Baiyao successfully brought the five companies having the approval to produce the product under one registered name “Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd.” – the very company name that we are still using now. The rapid growth of the cooperation greatly drives the development of Yunnan Baiyao. Beginning with the powder form, Yunnan Baiyao now has developed into a mature series with various dosage forms. Additionally, Yunnan Baiyao now is more than a name of product but a golden enterprise brand with its undoubted products quality and abundant capital, in traditional Chinese medicine, modern medicine, healthcare products, and even the daily necessities and cosmetics.


Yunnan Baiyao is manufactured by Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd.,  the only legal manufacturer of Yunnan Baiyao in China. Yunnan Baiyao won three consecutive national gold medals for quality. It was selected as quality product of Yunnan Province in 1991. There is a saying about Chinese families that they may not keep gold at home but they definitely keep Yunnan Baiyao.

Yunnan Baiyao Researches:

There have been numerous scientific researches about Yunnan Baiyao including "Yunnan Baiyao - where's the clinical evidence?" by Lynelle Graham of University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

Yunnan Baiyao is inexpensive, patent Chinese herb known for its positive hemostatic effects in the face of active hemorrage. A variety of traditional mechanisms for the action of yunnan baiyao have been proposed, including shortened bleeding time, shortened clotting times, reduced capillary permeability, peripheral vasoconstriction, an increased permeability of platelet membranes resulting in a release of platelet constituents, a calcium mediated effect. Some of these mechanisms and the contents of yunnan baiyao are defined by research, but many open questions remain regarding its use in companion animals. Preoperative use of yunnan baiyao may decrease the need and the cost of blood products. This could decrease the potential difficulties and the side effects of blood replacement and minimize the physiological stresses to the patient and the veterinary staff associated with blood loss.


Yunnan Baiyao effects are very powerful. It is the fastest treatment of different traumatic injuries, sports injuries, wounds made by knife, even bullet, or if you cut yourself shaving, no matter how severe they have been, just sprinkle it directly into a open wound, followed by pressure on the injured place. It is commonly used to treating bruises, contusions, chilblain, rheumatism and numbness, pains in bones muscles and joints. It can be used to arrest hemorrhage, stanch bleeding, activate blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and swelling, disperse blood clots, discharge pus and counteract toxin.

Everyone must have Yunnan Baiyao at home or car and in first aid kit in case of emergency. If an accident were to occur, this powder could be very, very important. It can be used for pets (dogs, cats) wounds as well. In addition, yunnan baiyao diminishes itch and swelling due to mosquito and insect bites, it has become a medicine commonly used in Chinese families everyday.

Yunnan Baiyao can be found in capsules for internal wounds or it can be used it as a powder or plaster directly to a wound to provide a treatment for external injuries.  In case of excessive blood loss, a small red pill is included with each package of powder bottle to prevent the person from going into shock. This is concentrated form of Yunnan Baiyao, called Baoxianzi or "Insurance Pill for a Serious or Emergency Case" in English.

The red pill should not be taken unless severe loss of blood has occurred and the person is losing consciousness.These are all serious conditions requiring immediate medical care. The red pill of Yunnan Baiyao reportedly saved many lives of people that had been seriously wounded during the war time.

Main Indications:

Cuts, open wounds, other external trauma, internal bleeding or hemorrhaging (such as bleeding gastric ulcers, haematemesis, haematuria, haemoptysis and epistasis). Also, gynaecological conditions with blood stagnation including menorrhiagia, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, postpartum or post termination blood stagnation and haemorrhage, placental retention, fibroids and painful gynaecological masses.


Stopping bleeding, dispersing stagnant blood, invigorating blood, relieving pain. Important first aid medicine for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, and insect bites. Commonly used for excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramps. May also be used topically for skin infections such as abscesses, boils, carbuncles and ulcers, both acute and chronic non-healing.

Yunnan Baiyao Directions:

Apply directly to bleeding wound (clean first, and bandage afterwards). In deep or wide wounds, squeeze cut together, pour powder on, and keep closed for 1 to 2 minutes. In cases of serious wounds or bleeding, take orally the single red pill that comes with each bottle first.

Other Names:

There are many different pronunciations and spellings of Yunnan Baiyao:  yunnan pai yao, yun nan bai-yao, yunan bai yao, yunan paiyao, yunnan pai-yao, hunnan baiyao, yuhnahn pie yow. Yunnan Baiyao can be translated as "White Medicine from Yunnan", as it comes from southern Yunnan province of China.


The formula of Yunnan Baiyao is kept in secret, but some of the active ingredients are known including Panax notoginseng, notoginseng or pseudoginseng; tien chi, tian qi or san qi in Chinese. This type of ginseng in yunnan baiyao provides the highest concentration of hemostatic constituents among all seven ginseng types. Other known substances used in Yunnan Baiyao medicine are lesser galangal root or gao liang jiang,sweet geranium or lao guan cao, chinese yam or shan yao, ox gall bladder or bai niu dan, bing pian or borneol.




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