Lay Z Spa / Pump Broken- Dont panic!

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I have seen alot of people with Lay z Spa with broken pumps. The Lay Z Spa is without doubt a popular spa, affordable, and fairly easy to maintain until it goes wrong!. If for instant the pump goes wrong you are facing either buying a second hand pump on here and hoping for the best ( alot dont work- hence why they are being sold) or paying a couple of hundred of pounds for a new pump/ heater unit.



Having owned a few of these spas for a few years now I have discovered that there are a couple of very easy to fix things that go wrong with them.  These are the most common three!.

NO HEAT? - The heater element is no more than a kettle element in a metal tube fed via a stat. On four units that I have taken apart it has simply been the stat that has broken. 3.50 from RS components and all have worked since.

PUMP LEAKING?- The bottom connection is internally poorly designed and is simply clamped into place. This seems to leak on the washer and will draw air in preventing proper pumping.

PUNCTURE IN TOP RING?- There is a magic solution you can get from most Air Conditioning or Plumbers Trade Counter called Leak Spray. It is no more than a can of fairy liquid with water in an aerosol. Either get a tin of this, or mix up washing up liquid with some water in a flower sprayer, and spray all over the tube. The position of the hole will soon be shown as it will blow bubbles. Fix with puncture repair kit in normal way!- easy.


I am a quaified electrician, and would urge anybody to use caution when playing with electrics and water- cos they dont mix. If in doubt chicken out!- and ask someone. This said= any reasonable electrician should be able to fix these pumps for not more than a pint of beer- They really are nothing more than a simple pump and kettle element.

Last idea if all fails on the heater side- but the rest works. - Simply buy an inline seperate  swimming pool heater- they are only 30/40 pounds and will heat it the same.


Good luck


Update- Oct 09. Its a while since I wriote this article and things have changed quite a bit. RS no longer stock the thermostat but Maplins are still stocking them although they seem to being getting harder to get hold off. The Series 2 egg which will only heat or blow and wont do both together seem in my humble opinion to be worse than the series ones!!. A couple of important tips for you. ALWAYS FILL THE SPA first and ensure that the water is to the marks BEFORE trying to use the pump. SECONDLY, if you put the spa away for the winter, store the egg INSIDE and not in a cold garage or damp environment. And lastly, when putting away, fold the spa carefully. Oh and one last thing - get a bit of carpet or something soft to put your spa on- it does seem to save them. My original series 1 is still going strong. If you can find a good one- they are unbeatable!!!! 

And to answer your questions- if you want your own egg fixing you have to bring it to me, and I only charge beer money. BUT leave the kids behind!- I do have a full time job and only fix spas for a hobby cos its fun. Im in Oxfordshire.

AND PLEASE- if you found this guide helpful then say so- I must have had over 100 people that I have helped out to fix their spas but only 17 said the guide is useful!. If I can make it more useful then please tell me how to!






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