Le Toy Van Lion Heart Castle

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Lion Heart Castle
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Lion Heart Castle

The Good Toy Guide Review

What is it

This Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle is the largest within the Le Toy Van range and features an impressive turn-lifting drawbridge, a pull-up portcullis, turrets, towers, prison ramparts, a winch, a ladder and flags. The castle sits on a detailed painted wooden baseboard. Perfectly scaled for Budkins characters and any other figurines around 10cm tall (figures sold separately).

What our team of testers said

"That's a big castle isn't it. I like the flags." - Boy aged 4

"I know, you can be stuck at the top of that tower and I have to come and rescue you." - Girl aged 4

Skills Developed

Great for imaginative, small world play
Promotes sharing and social skills
Can encourage an interest in history

What our experts think

The Lionheart Castle from Le Toy Van is great for imaginative, small world play, helping develop creativity. Boys and girls both loved making up and acting out their own stories, such as a jester Budkin having to save the queen from jail. Sets like this also encourage children to play together, building social skills.

It would be even better if...

Parents will need to put the castle together before play.

Thank you and credit to the Good Toy Guide for this review.

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