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Just a note of warning about mobility scooter covers. A certain seller is offering said covers at the price of £9.99 with free postage, looks to good to be true, sadly it is, I ordered one of these for my stepmother, It was delivered to her holiday home and she phoned to say it was o.k. but a bit thin. I left positive feedback as the service was excellent. Anyway a week went by and a friend of hers commented she had the exact same cover for her bicycle, she had bought it at the pound shop for 99p, also the seller is selling cloches, also available at the same shop for 99p.I have put this down to experience, she can use the cover to take around on the scooter in case she gets caught out in the rain sometime. I hope any of you reading this will take note and buy a better quality cover, they are only a few pounds more.A QUICK UPDATE, just bought a cover from a-zability, perfect fit and great quality, about a tenner more than that £9.99 piece of rubbish. If you do need a cover this one is perfect for just a few pounds more.It is a proper scooter cover and NOT a bicycle cover like the £9.99 one.
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