Mala Beads

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There is four main styles of Mala beads, these are Tibetan, Zen, Mantra and 108 configurations. Each style of mala presents itself to diffrent uses.

These are:

Tibetan Mala usually come as 108 bead with some sort of spacer beads at the 27th, 56th and 83rd bead placement.

Zen Mala come with the bead configuration of 7, 14, 66, 80th and 87th bead placement.

Manta Mala as the name suggests is used primary for mantra repetitions and comes in the 21, 33, 54 and 75th bead placement.

108 Mala
As the name states this style of Mala   is a 108 bead configuration.

I have mentioned spacer beads placed at varying points in a Mala, these are commonly known as marker beads which inform the user they have reached a point on their Mala. Also any Mala should have at the beginning a special bead nammed the Guru bead or teacher bead. This bead is a three hole bead that allows the stringing material to be terminated outside the main bead cound and informs again the user they have reached a point on their mala.
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