Matching An Amplifier To Your Speakers

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This guide will help you decide what kind, and what power amp you would require to link it up with a set of speakers.

Ok, well you have a set of speakers for your Disco, Kareoke, Bar or Home Party use. But now you need an amplifier to power your speakers. Lets say your speakers are 300w RMS each at 8ohm, you will basically need (to start with) an amp that is at least 600w (300w per channel at 8ohm).

However what most people dont realise is that speakers can handle more than their quoted RMS value, this is called the MAX value. Ok so your 300w RMS speakers have a MAX rating of 500w, now you can see that to achieve the full output of the speakers, you would ideally need an amp that is 1000w at 8ohm (500w per channel). This also allows for some redundancy in that your amplifier is not running at it's maximum constantly meaning it is less likely to break down.

Also, please ensure when matching ratings of your speakers to an amp, or vice versa, that you know the OHMage of your speakers, as amps run at 8,4 and some at 2 ohm. An example is that if an amp runs at 400w at 4ohm, it will only run at 200w at 8ohm, so please bear this in mind when looking at speakers and amps.

If you are unsure, please ask the seller, it is your right to know! Please read my other guide on Speaker Ratings if you are unfamiliar with terms such as RMS and MAX. Please feel free to ask me any questions too.

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