McDonalds RARE Tokens

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Hi guys, i'm fed up of some of the listings on here so i thought i'd write a quick guide.

There are alot of individuals on here selling 'rare' monopoly tokens, please check all the other listings to see if they really are rare. People than bid on these items believing that they are getting a bargain only to find someone else is selling it for a lower price. I have all the Mcdonalds tokens except the rare few the real 'rare' tokens are:


Bond Street

Coventry Street


Marlborough Street

Northumbland Avenue

Euston Road

Old Kent Road

Liverpool Street Station

If anyone is selling these tokens then they are a bargain if you get one, these are the hardest tokens to get as macdonalds only print 1 of these to every 100 of the other tokens, so all I am saying is that when you see a seller selling a 'rare' token, check if it really is!

Also Mcdonalds tokens have a raised clear image of Mr Monopoly's Hat on them, if yoou shine the token to the light you should clearly be able to see this image, if you have bought a token and it hasn't got this then you have bought a dud and you should seek advice on getting your cash back.

Hope this helps everyone or someone!

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