Mobile Phone Chargers You Can't Live Without

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Mobile phone chargers always seem to be out of sight just when you need them. Make sure you can top up your battery wherever you are with this selection.

Make the Most of Your Car's Power

Mobile phone car chargers harness your car's power using an adaptor that is plugged into the cigarette lighter. This power can be used to charge up a dead battery in your phone or any other USB device if you find a design with a changeable cable port. You can even charge multiple devices by using a dual port car charger. The charging adaptor will take power from your car's battery, which is replenished as you drive to provide a very efficient power resource.

If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, choose a dual port universal charging device. This will let you plug in any type of USB cable you want, and support all of your electronic accessories.

Always On the Move

If you're always on the move and on your phone, you may find yourself running out of juice before the day is done. In which case, you need a mobile phone power bank in your life. This handy device will let you top up the battery in your phone wherever you are. Charge it up overnight, just as you would your phone, and take it with you the next day to sort your battery demands.

Power banks come in a range of power sizes. This type of power source is measured in milliamp hours (MaH), which is a common unit used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. Power banks with 40,000-50,000 MaH are generally larger in size but provide a lot more power, enough for multiple charges. Choose the power capacity that is right for you and never lose all your friends at a festival again.

The Classic Wall Charger

It wouldn't be a buying guide without mention of the all-time classic wall plug mobile phone charger. Using the power from your own home, you can charge as many mobiles, tablets and PDAs as you have power sockets.

Another great option is to get a universal multiport wall charger for all your charging desires. With these mammoth charging ports, you can easily top up all of your accessories in one place and never have to run around the house searching for a free plug socket again.