Modified or Chipped XBOX, XBMC and games

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An explaination of what a "Modified","Chipped" or "SoftModded" or "XBMC" XBOX Console is!

"Chipped" or "Modifed" Console

"Modified" or "Chipped" is a term used to describe a XBOX (also applies to other consoles) that has been adapted by a hardware modification to play imported and / or copied games. Basically a small circuit board is used to by-pass the copyright & region sensing part of the consoles hardware. In the case of the XBOX it tricks the BIOS. There are many different types but they basically all do the same thing.

This isnt always related with software piracy as, for example, you buy some NTSC American or Japanese games and bring them home to the UK they wont play on a normal UK PAL XBOX as they are a different region (like DVDs). A chipped XBOX would let you play them.

Also if you have bought a game and somehow damaged the disc a backup copy would be ideal as you dont have to buy the game again! A chipped XBOX would let you play a backed up copy where as a normal (un-modified) one will not. So you could copy the games you own and keep the original safe somewhere and play the copies. If you choose to download and play pirated games thats up to you!

The XBOX is very versatile and once it has been modified with a modchip many other modifications can be made such as installing a larger hard drive and changing the software on the console.


The XBOX is also able to be "soft-modded" as in a software modification over a hardware modification. This basically changes the xbox's BIOS software to allow it to play copies and other regions. It can also change the system software and convert it into a powerful media center.


"XBMC" means XBOX media center and its software you can install onto a chipped or SoftModded XBOX to enhance it. It will let you stream video over your network, organise and view your photos and music and more. You can also play games saved straight to the hard drive. This is a great way to "recycle" your old XBOX if you no longer want it for playing games on.

Finding a Chipped XBOX

Modified XBOX's arent allowed to be sold on ebay as people often use chipped consoles to play pirated games but if you search on " chipped xbox ", " modified xbox " or " special xbox " or even just " xbmc" you may be lucky enough to find one. I would recomend emailing the seller straight away requesting that they contact you if ebay cancel their auction because once an auction has been removed you cannot find the details again unless you remember the sellers name. You could then negociate a sale outside of ebay. If you cant find one you can softmod your current XBOX or any regular XBOX very easily.

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