Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player Buying Guide

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Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player Buying Guide

One of the most enjoyed and sought after electronic devices for enjoying movies at home is the Blu-ray player. There are various companies that manufacturer Blu-ray players in the United States, Canada, and other countries. This type of movie player has enhanced technology that is especially designed to be compatible with high definition television units. Many movie studios release movies in this format and the number of movies that they are releasing is increasing since HDTV is becoming more widely owned by consumers.

Furthermore, multi-region Blu-ray players are also becoming increasingly popular, and the demand for them is higher than ever before. Blu-ray players can be found in retail department stores, home electronics stores, and on eBay. It is useful to understand what a Blu-ray player is, how regional codes affect it, as well as how to choose the right one in order to make a knowledgeable decision before investing in this type of movie player.

Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player Overview

Top manufacturers of computers and other electronic devices created the disc format for Blu-ray players. More than 180 companies make up the Blu-ray Disc Association with a prestigious board of directors that include highly regarded manufacturers, such as Apple Computer, Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, just to name a few. Because multi-region Blu-ray players differ from other Blu-ray players, it helps to understand the differences between them.


"Blu-ray" Disc (BD) refers to the format for an optical disc that was created to be used as a high definition (HD) viewing feature that allows recording and playback of video. The name is derived from the technology that was used to develop it. This player incorporates the technology of a laser that is coloured a blue-violet, hence the first part of the name "Blu".

The second part of the name comes from the technological function of an optical ray, thereby creating "ray". In order for the word blue to be included in the first part of the name, the "e" had to be removed. The name of this player seems to cause a lot of confusion over how the correct spelling of the name should be. Many times, the letter "e" is added the word "Blu", and it is often improperly capitalised as well. To end the confusion, the official legal name is "Blu-ray" with the letter "r" being lower case.

Recording Capacities

This format also allows for rewriting and has enough storage space to hold over 25 GB on a single disc. A dual disc player can store twice that amount, which is enough space to allow a full-length feature film to be stored on it. In addition, this disc player format is also technologically advanced in that it is prepared to keep up with any new adaptations or additions that become available in the future with simple disc modifications.

Besides the features already mentioned, the Blu-ray has great recording features as well. For a 50 GB high definition disc, approximately nine hours of video data can be recorded and stored for future viewing pleasure. Standard definition (SD) data recording is also possible and the same 50 GB is able to store more than 23 hours of this type of format. And if that is not enough to spark a person’s fancy, there are even 3D Blu-ray players.

Regional Codes

Many people are unaware that the Blu-ray player is equipped with regional code definitions. There are three separate regions that a Blu-ray player has the ability to function in, and these three areas do not overlap with each other. The regional code that is set to a Blu-ray player is determined by where the player was purchased, so if a person happens to move to a country that is outside of the code for the player they have, it does not work. The table below gives the regional code information.




North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and countries in South-eastern Asia


South-western Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and the majority of European countries


China, Russia, and the remainder of Asian countries not already covered

One of the reasons that a multi-region Blu-ray player is so valuable is that it is open to functioning in more than one region. Before this technology was developed, if a Blu-ray player was purchased in China, the regional code would not allow it to work in the UK. The same is true with the Blu-ray movie as well. One way that this has been able to be circumvented is by purchasing one that has been altered by a third party to allow it to function in multiple regions. The Blu-ray Disc Association designed the players in this way; however, they did leave it up to the movie studio to decide whether or not the studios wanted to implement the same coding practices. There are many movie studios release their content so that they are free of regional code restriction, while some other movie studios only implement regional coding on a partial list of their content that is released to the general public.

Other Protections

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is another protection that has been implemented for the purpose of prohibiting copyrighted content from being reproduced by other sources. If a user attempts to record data through a physical connection to another device for the purposes of reproducing it, the connection is terminated. The use of encrypted information is one of several layers of protection implemented by the Blu-ray format that allows digital rights to be managed. Digital rights management (DRM) procedures have often been criticised by other parties who believe in free software rights.

How to Choose a Multi-Region Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray players add tremendous value to the experience of watching movies and other content, especially on a high definition television. Multi-region Blu-ray players are beneficial for people who frequently travel internationally and prefer to bring along this device. When choosing this type to add to an entertainment system, there are a few things that need to be reviewed to make sure that it works with the existing equipment.

Internet Connectivity

A multi-region Blu-ray player offers various features, some if which creates a higher cost for the equipment. Of course all of these players are able to play discs, but if there is a desire to also stream content from the Internet or another source, make sure that the Blu-ray player chosen is able to support that function. If that function is not necessary, there is no need to spend additional money for it unless it is something that is going to be incorporated at a later date.

SD Cards

Many people enjoying using their multi-region Blu-ray player for viewing content that has been recorded by other electronic device that saves them onto an SD card, such as is frequent with people who use high definition cameras. If this is a function that is important, make sure that the multi-region unit is equipped with an SD card slot and also has AVCHD playback capabilities.


Although the brand of receiver that is going to be used with the Blu-ray player is not necessarily a drawback if they are not the same brands, many people prefer to purchase a multi-region Blu-ray player that is in line with the brand of receiver they already own. One of the reasons that make keeping the brands the same convenient is that when the receiver is powered on, the Blu-ray player also turns on, and the HDMI output is corrected to match.

How to Buy a Multi-Region Blu-ray Player on eBay

Various brands of multi-region Blu-ray players are available on eBay. Because of the large selection of brands and models, it is helpful to do a search for the particular brand or type that you would like to purchase. Finding the right one is easy when you start a search using keywords that are specifically related to the item you are looking for.

The first step in finding your item is to enter the desired keywords into the search query box at the top of the eBay homepage. Keep in mind that the more general you make your keyword terms, the more results you get returned to you. For example, if you do not have a particular brand in mind and just want to see what types are available, try typing in "multi-region Blu-ray player", then hit the search button. If you want to make it more specific, alter the keywords, add in other ones, or use the advanced search button feature.


With so many different types of Blu-ray players available, it can sometimes be hard to choose which type is the best. Often the confusion comes from not being able to decipher what various technological terms mean. The word "multi-region" implies that the Blu-ray player functions in various sets of regions and not only one set of regions. Many individuals are not even aware that regional coding is part of the Blu-ray player makeup. That is why it is useful to know not only what a Blu-ray player is capable of, but what it is not capable of as well. These types of players not only offer large amounts of storage capacity on the discs for writing, recording, as well as various other feature, such as SD card slots. Lastly, they also have the ability to give the user the freedom to transport the player to other regions and enjoy it wherever they go. Therefore, buyers can easily benefit from making a wise multi-region Blu-ray player purchase.

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