NEVER use PAYPAL to buy software, music, or intangibles

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You didn't read the Terms & Conditions did you? Nobody does, but if you have a dispute with Paypal about "intangibles" forget it. You've lost your money! What's an intangible? Anything that isn't delivered to your door. Music download doesn't play ... no refund. Software doesn't work ... no refund. Online services not up to the mark ... no refund.If it isn't delivered in a box to you door you have NO RECOURSE if anything goes wrong. Think again before you hit that Paypal button!

They won't publish this if I name names, but a "the Ultimate" software package to scan music and convert it to playable scores simply doesn't do what the blurb promises. Meanwhile the retailer in Richmond, VA walked away from the deal scot free thanks to Paypal.

You can fool me once ... 
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