Nose Hair Trimmers

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Nose Hair Trimmers

Nose hair trimmers are discreet devices to remove unwanted hair from the nose safely and easily. Unsightly hair, for both men and women, doesn't go unnoticed so more and more individuals use trimmers to aid them in their personal grooming needs.

Do we need nose hair?
Nose hair acts as filters for inhaled particles, thus protecting the delicate membranes of the inner nasal passages. Nose hair keeps the nasal membranes moist and humid to keep them healthy. Dirt and dust gets caught in the nose hair to prevent clogging of the nasal passages.

However, as men and women age, nose hair grows longer and coarser. This causes nose hair to protrude out, looking very unattractive and untidy. In the earlier days, most people used tweezers to literally tug and pull nose hair out of their nostrils. But this was a painful and inconvenient way to deal with unattractive nose hair.  This brought about the development of several types of hair trimmers available in the market today.

However, trimming nose hair too frequently of too short can cause damage to the membranes that they protect and may cause irritation or enhancing allergy symptoms. So it is important to use a quality product that is not only convenient but more importantly, safe to use.

Types of Nose Hair Trimmers:
There are a number of trimmers available on the market today. The most common designs include:
1.    Battery-operated trimmers with either oscillating or rotating blades
2.    Battery-free trimmers that are operated by hand – one hand guiding and the other manually rotating the blades by rotating the handle
3.    Battery-free trimmers that are operated by squeezing the mechanical wing handles to create oscillation or rotation
4.    Slim trimmers for use during travel

Popular designs now include safety guides to keep away the blades from contacting the nasal membranes, brushes to clean the blades, LED lights for better viewing, comfort grip handles, and various attachments to modify the trimmer for use in other facial hair (ears, moustaches, sideburns)

Choosing which trimmer to use should be based on safety, comfort, and personal preference.

Battery operated vs. Manual Trimmers
Manual nose hair trimmers make no noise and do not require batteries. They seem to do a safer job in trimming nose hair since they can give you more control without the stinging/pulling feeling on battery-operated models. The only drawback is you need both hands to operate the gadget.

Battery-operated nose hair trimmers are more convenient to use. The drawback is they seem to have a common problem -- when the batteries start to fail they tend to pull the nose hair instead of cutting it, which can be very painful.

Some Popular Brands
  • Most Remington trimmers can safely trim eyebrows, ear and nose hairs using hypoallergenic titanium coated blades.
  • Groom Mate Platinum XL requires no batteries and is small and compact (half the size of standard trimmers) and performs superbly due it being made of 100% stainless steel. Note, most of the other trimmers on the market do not use such high quality components.
  • An unusual trimmer is the dual blade trimmer by Emjoi, with blades on both sides. It is battery operated and works well as a single hand operation trimmer. This trimmer is designed for men to eliminate nose and ear hair effectively but ensures no cuts or irritation with automatic shut off feature.
  • Battery Powered Wahl has Wet 'n Dry Operation and rinses clean under running water. Its has a stylish blue & gray satin finish. The rotary blade action prevents clogging and pulling hair.
  • Tweezerman nose hair clipper is made from stainless steel, allows safe cutting of nose hair manually. Trim visible nose hairs by placing clipper in tip of nostril and squeezing arms of clipper together in tweezer- like motion. This is the same design as the Groom Mate Silver Wing . This type of trimmer is considered a single hand operation trimmer making it perfect for use by those suffering from arthritis or someone who finds it difficult keeping their hand steady.
  • Panasonic nose hair trimmer has stainless-steel blades, battery-operated with one AA battery at 90-min running time.
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