Optoma HD600X Projector

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Hi guys and gals, this guide is about buying a suitable projector for home cinema. Firstly I would like to say I have a dedicated home cinema and have had 3 projectors in there, the last one was a Sanyo PLV Z2, and it has been a very good projector and served me very well. My review of this projector is going to be concise, no crap about ansi lumens etc or technical stuff, just a review of what you really want to know.

Ok lets get down to business on the one titled above HD600X, this unit has an area about the size of an A4 piece of paper and the height is about 3 inches tall. If you want to ceiling mount it then I recommend you buy the optoma bracket, or at least a bracket designed for this unit because it is very small, and a larger standard bracket will cause you problems when trying to fit it to the projector. The screws for connecting the bracket are really small in diameter, about 2mm to be honest and thats small compared to 4mm ones in standard units.

Picture quality from S video and standard video is pretty good although a bit muddy, but thats because of the signal and connection, because its a lower resolution you won`t get any better.

Onto the HDMI and blu ray, well thats a different kettle of fish, I plugged in my standard LG blu ray player and wow!! What an amazing picture, the blacks were proper black and in dark scenes there were no light overspill on the screen like you get with LCD projectors, Oh, forgot to mention this one is DLP. Overspill of light, I mean when nothing showing you always get a light blue murky bit of light projected onto the screen from LCD, but with this one, zero or really very very little, so you get really good dark scenes and the colours are so real its like being there on the set with the actors. This projector is 3d enabled and I`ll come to this later on. I just want to talk about rainbow effect.

Rainbow effect is a bright band of colours you can visibly see on screen when you move your eyes side to side or up and down, this is not always visible, it depends on person to person. Some people don`t even see it at all, myself, I see it very clearly and its very annoying indeed. But wait! Please read on. I read every review on loads of budget range projectors, I particularly wanted a good 3d and 2d unit so I felt I had to choose carefully. I viewed the optoma HD67 and got bad rainbow effect on this unit but the colours were also very striking too. Back to this unit though, I mounted the 600X on a table and put on a film, YES, rainbow effect on s video, dvd and even blu ray, I tried altering the brightness etc but no difference. I thought bugger it I`ll fit it to the ceiling anyway and see if I can live with it. HEY PRESTO!! very very little rainbow effect, but mostly none at all, how strange is that?

Lastly I want to say if you want to watch 3d you will need a 3d enabled blu ray player, a HDMI version 1.3 cable to projector, an optoma 3d-XL box that connects the blu ray player or sky to the projector and an HDMI version 1.4 from blu ray to 3d-XL then you can watch 3d on a big screen, with the use of the black active lens glasses of course, but the 3d-xl comes with one pair only so you will need more pairs if there are more people viewing.

So to recap, this projector in my opinion is triumphant in doing exactly what it should do, and thats putting a satisfying image on a screen, but in my opinion, its far far more that satisfying, its purely amazing in both 2d and 3d. Don`t bother with 1920x1080 resolution because you won`t be able to tell the difference, well you will, in your pocket only, and I cannot justify paying more for exactly the same only because full HD is supposed to be better, in this case absolutely not. This projector has a maximum of 720p resolution but 3d is only shot in 720 anyway. Brightness is very good, even with some background light its still bright enought to watch clearly, I don`t have blackout blinds, only pull down ones and you can still view the picture easily without much compromise. I said I wouoldn`t mention ANSI lumens, well just once, its 1600 and plenty bright enought for any home user.

BUY this projector, you will be blown away by its performance, I was and I`ve had 15 years experience with my own home cinema. Simply amazing!!! I`m in no way connected with optoma, I`m just an enthusiast who wants the best for less.

Hope this guide was helpfull, any further questions please don`t hesitate to email me, I`ll put you right if you need it..

Many thanks for reading and have pleasant viewing.............