Premier easy walk harness - fantastic!

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Great for pulling dogs

My large rescue dog ( a very boisterous lab/collie cross) is terrible on the lead. He just gets so excited at going out for a walk, it's like he constantly forgets he's on a lead as he lunges from tree to wall to post. It's particularly bad when we're on the way to the park, as he knows he's about to get a long run!
We'd tried just about every 'non-pull' harness in the shops - head collars, haltis, gencons and cani collars to name but a few. My dog is so unfocused that he would forget he'd got a head collar on and continue pulling so much that the lead would tighten around his snout and head - and still he wouldn't stop. For that reason, anything that tightened was out of the question.
Premier Easy Walker
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Premier Easy Walker

The easy walker - a last resort

Then we discovered the Premier Easy Walk harness. (Pictured left, not my dog! Picture from ebay seller of this item: )
This slips over the head and attaches at the side, just underneath one shoulder.
The lead is attached at the front of the chest, so that every time your dog pulls, they are pulled around to the side, towards you. Nothing tightens too much around the dogs chest and there's nothing to tighten around the snout or head.
While not padded, the harness hasn't rubbed my dog anywhere - and he wears it for every walk, ie twice a day, every day. It's easy to take on and off too, once you've adjusted it to fit properly, you can just unclip the clip that's under the shoulder and take the harness off over the dog's head.
I can't say that it's stopped Cracker pulling completely - I think we've got to accept that when he's excited, he just loses all focus! However, when we're doing normal pavement walking (ie not on the way to the park!) he is so much better and walks nicely most of the time. I am even able to walk both my dogs together, without getting pulled over!
I've recommended this harness to two other dog owners, one with a kelpi and one with a lurcher cross and they've both said that it has worked wonders with their dog. In fact, one owner can now walk both her dogs by herself, whereas before her husband had to walk the Kelpi, while she walked the smaller dog.
Available in three sizes, it can be adjusted to fit any shape of dog - broad chested or narrow chested.
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