Psion 3mx

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Psion 3mx

The best and last of the 3 series

Psion built on the reputation and increased functionality of the 3, 3a and 3c

The MX processor is faster

The case reverted back to the rugged plastic design of the 3 and 3a

The 3c case was a disaster due to the rubber coating

The inclusion of a back light made the 3mx useable at night

The quality and demand for the 3mx is reinforced by the price

You can expect to pay over £100 for a mint, boxed example

With only 2MB of memory that is a lot of wonga

These machines are classic and in my view a collectors item for the future

They are still practical and with the inclusion of a quality qwerty keyboard are versatile and user friendly


The first and best hand held PDAs



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