Real vs Replica Watches The Unbiased Guide

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Real vs Replica Watches The Unbiased Guide

Firstly a bit of background info ,I have been a watch fanatic for quite some years ,and have occured lots of useful information and knowledge of the watch industry, and want to crack the whip (shall we say ! ) to give you some insider info from a unbias a view i can give. I will not preach ethics to you like some other sellers / buyers on here want to do because that's just wrong .! I have real and replica watches, in the past I have sold replica watches ..

Question 1:

Should I buy a expensive Real Branded watch on ebay (omega ,tag , breitling)I want an orginal  ?


NO , Never ,Never ,NO .. Personally any watch sold on ebay is potencially a fake around 90 %.. most watch manufactuers will not give you warrenty any way if you buy of ebay . If you must it..then it MUST have it's dealer stamp and papers ,reciept of purchase and creditcard bill recipt for extra proof. never purchase via mail order , always pick it up .. especially if your parting with a lot of money ! As the saying goes if it costs peanuts then it truely is a monkey !

Q 2: Deep down I know its a replica /fake and want to purchase it anyway ,(no papers included) what is the quality like and can i get it serviced at the main dealer ?

A 2: Replicas vary in quality drastically , most can be put under usually 3 tears of quality ,

the Good .... swiss replica movement based mostly on the valjoux  / ETA swatch 7750 usaully chinese made , sapphire glass , anti reflective coating , 316 grade steel , exact marking and details . examples of good hi quality are panerai , breitlings some not all, omegas , some cartier .etc (but there certainly not sold on ebay...the good ones that is)

the bad... chinese or japanese hacked basic automatic movement or cheapo quartz (citezen movement ), mineral glass , which has no anti reflective qualities . poor incorrect dial layout , bad markings , poor construction .. ( most sold on ebay !! are these types of quality .. )

the ugly .. even cheaper quartz movement , plastic glass lol ;-) , plastic or leatherette strap, mispelled marking and layout, mostly eebay rolexes or woolex.. haha

main dealers will turn you away ... or seize the watch if deemed counterfeit ...

Q3. Is purchasing a replica watch illegal, is it against the law , does it fund terrorism or criminal gangs ?

A3: Yes and NO In effect purchasing a replica watch is a breach of copyright so it is against a civil Law   , it's could be stipulated that this does lead to civil lawsuit action against the replica watch manufactuers , or to the end retailers if purchased or sold in large numbers,but most watches are made in countries with no understanding of intellectual property rights . i don't know of anyone being prosocuted for having a collection or a few, but in france ,Germany and italy things are changing , I think the Cartier and others are taking action similar to what the MPAA has done to downloaders of movies in the USA ..
Haha , Terrorism this one makes me chuckle , there is no proven links between replica watches and terrorism , fullstop /period .It is illegal thow .
The only links to terrorism is usually cigarette or counterfeit liquer / booze ,and obviously the narcotics drug industry .

Q4. In comparison what is the quality against a Real Watch ?
A4. most of the Good replicas are very well made and are made to Japanese and Swiss standards . But movement does vary , on some models and types .

Q5. Can I sell my replica watch on ebay ?
A5. NO ,NEVER !! you should not and if you do ebay will ban your account , under the VERO sign agreement with manufacteurs

Q6. Because it is made and sold for a fraction of the cost it must be poorly made.
A6. Wrong. Most of the good Replicas are made of the same materials as an original watch . remember that labour is cheaper in the far-east and the huge markups on real branded designer watches usually exceeds 1000% , no joke !

I hope I've helped share some of my watch knowledge with you, I hate finding out people have been ripped off buying a replica when they actually thought they where purchasing a real item. REMEMBER a bad replica would only cost between 30-60 pounds from the far-east , these have sold for hundreds on ebay .. only the Good quality replicas cost hundreds to purchase .. & if you want orginal go to the dealer shop and pay full price , it really isnt worth a £500 pound saving once your watch is serial number checked and is proven to be a fake. Best of luck .!

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