Review-Tom Oudh Surrati Perfumes of Tom Ford Oud Wood

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Review: Tom Oudh by Surrati Perfumes

This honest review of Tom Oudh is split up into 4 parts. Please skip to the CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION for the summary.


I am an Oudh and Arabian perfume fanatic. I have travelled the world interested in just perfumery and believe that my sense of smell has greatly developed. I started off with the major Arabian brands, being content with what I was smelling. As time moved on and gained experience in this field, I started trying out Oudh and perfume oils from smaller niche perfumeries. It is only then I really realised what was out there and all the hidden gems that needed to be uncovered. Since then, I have been exploring the less known perfume houses that make, in my opinion, the best Arabian scents.


The original fragrance was first presented to me at a time when I was in love with my YSL M7. Nothing could break us apart. I sprayed a little on my wrist and my initial impression was okay. The following week, my M7 was sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, I had just found my new signature scent.  It was only when my first bottle finished that I realised how much it actually cost, and how much I was using. I loved the fragrance so much, I purchased another bottle and started using it again.

I little while later, after my second bottle had finished, I was introduced to Surrati Perfumes Tom Oudh.  Wow, what a game changer. My first impression was amazing. At the time, it smelt exactly like the original. What was also great was that I could take it around with me and apply more later on in the day.


Now, it seems an age since I first smelt Tom Oudh. Although it holds a special place in my heart, I have to be critical and review it with my developed sense of smell.  
Yes, it still is a good oil, which is very similar to the original. However, I would not wear it today.
Why? It’s far too synthetic, often is reeks of being synthetic and is no longer bearable to my nose. Also, there is a heavy white musk note, also synthetic, which is far too dominant in my opinion and is not present in the original.


If you are new to Oudh and perfume oils, Tom Oudh will be just what you are looking for. In fact, I won’t be surprised if you end up loving it.

If you have a developed nose, I wouldn’t bother.  

However, do not lose hope! During my search for the absolute best original replacement, I came across as small niche perfume house called HAYBA PERFUMES. Their interpretation of the original is absolutely AMAZING. I cannot tell the difference between the original and their version. In my opinion, it beats Surrati Perfumes Tom Oudh out of the park. It is simply the best.

My recommendation is simple, go for the Hayba Perfumes version, you will not regret it. Only one problem, Hayba Perfumes is extremely rare, I came across their perfume house while abroad and desperately been searching for them at home. But, I can’t find them anywhere. If you are lucky enough to be able to purchase from these lot, make sure you purchase enough to last a life time.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Surrati Perfumes version, please be vigilant about who you purchase from. From past experience, I have come across sellers who are selling fakes and also very old stock. I would stick to authorised sellers where possible.

Thank you for reading this review and all the best with your fragrance journey!

Click HERE to buy Surrati Perfumes Tom Oudh from where I used to purchase from.

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