Rhino Glue

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Rhino Glue claims to be the only glue you will ever need, now we've all heard it before some product claiming to be the "best" or the "last" and even the "only" these words have become a huge turn off to me. I've automatically filed anything that advertise with those words under the "spam" or "scam" section of my memory. As I've tested enough products, listened to enough lies to know better.

As often as I've seen Rhino Glue advertised even at the Ohio State Fair, I still never ever wanted to believe that one glue could indeed do it all. I kept to my methods of super glue, melting things, and soldering anything that needed fixing.

But one day I came along an item I couldn't get fixed, so I figured I'd order it off my favorite location, you guessed it if you guessed Amazon.com. I figured there was no loss as my Amazon gift cards weren't exactly cash. I skimmed over the reviews of Rhino Glue to see several upset people commenting about how you can purchase the $10 glue, for one use only as the tip clogs up, and can never be used again. Anyone that knows ANYTHING about glue knows how to avoid this. I mean gesh, anytime they would use super glue they would only get one use out of it, and frankly that's the stupidest review anyone could leave. It's their own fault for not being smart enough to clear the nozzle before putting the cap back on! Common sense people!

By the time Rhino Glue had shown up on my door step I had gathered a little over 8 items to test it on. One was live plastic, by live I mean it breaths, and super glue will not hold together live plastic. Rhino Glue was a complete success! While gluing the object though I had some Rhino Glue on my finger nails. I couldn't believe how thick it was, shiny, and strong. Since it was summer time, I decided to try it gluing on my big toe fake toe nails. It was another complete success, it lasted three times as long as super glue, PLUS I had to pop off the fake nails where as with super glue they would have just fallen off during the night.

I've had and used Rhino Glue so many times since it's purchase that I have lost count, and never once experienced the "clogged nozzle" which made it such a waste to so many users. Rhino Glue really is, the last glue you will ever need. It's strong, clear, not as fast drying as it claims, but still pretty darn good!

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