Scottish Grown Dwarf Lavender

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Scottish Grown Dwarf Lavender. 

We have grown this dwarf form of Munstead Lavender for the past 6 years or so at our nursery, Dunmore Perennials in central Scotland. The majority of sales are as plug plants which are suitable to plant up into pots and grow on or plant directly into the ground.

The Lavender is well suited to cooler temperatures of Scotland and thrives in southern Britain according to our customers. The plants will grow to around 13" in height and spread making them perfect for containers or as a small informal hedge. The purple flowers appear in early summer and last until late summer. The fragrance is the plants best selling point and only when the customer opens the packaging can they appreciate the strength of the perfume !

Care - The plants need little attention in general. If grown in a container the appreciate regular feeding with a general liquid feed. If grown in the ground no additional feeding is required. The plants are best pruned after flowering has finished. In Scotland I always prefer to prune in early spring once new growth has just started. Die - back can happen on any plant over the winter and I prefer to wait and see how the plants have coped with winter before pruning. Remove any old flower stems and cut back to new growth. Remove any dead stems again cutting back to new growth. 

- Special Rules -

 - DO NOT keep the plants inside the house as this artificial heat and light will not do them any good.

DO NOT pick off any old leaves - it will only end up damaging the plants.

DO ensure all plugs are damp before planting - a dry plug may never become moist again after planting !!

What makes these plants so special ?    Our Lavender along with all of our plants are grown without the use of any artificial heat. Germination can be erratic but we dont mind waiting. The plants are not sprayed with anything other than water ! Our Lavender plants are generally strong little things and seem to thrive when planted in the garden regardless of the weather. They do not suffer any shock as they are not coming from a heated greenhouse. All too often we see bushy plants available for sale covered in bright green, forced growth which often dies within days after planting.

The plants are available in our shop on ebay in multiples of 3, 5or10 or  depending on the customers needs. Positive feedback is spread from Orkney to Cornwall.

Our overwintered stock for spring 10 is doing well but will not last too long.

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