Seat Leon Cupra R Front Splitter - Don't Buy On Ebay!!

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Okay, I know ebay is a place for sellers to make money and for buyers to grab a bargain, but some sellers really are taking advantage of buyers who don't know any better.

Don't be lazy - shop around!

You'd be surprised how much cheaper some Main Dealer prices compared to rip off ebay seller's prices!!

One example of this is the Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter, sold by RIP OFF MERCHANTS such as goingfast_info & goingfast_eurocustoms

You will have seen one advertised for the Seat Leon, Seat Toledo, Seat Ibiza, Volkswagen Golf Mk4 and Mk5, Volkswagen Jetta, Audi A3, Audi S3, Rover 200, Rover 400, MG ZR and so on.

Sellers advertise it as high quality, original OEM parts, made in Germany etc. Well yes, that's about the only part of their listing that is true!

They will then go on & tell you the item is RARE and HARD TO FIND

Well that statement is a TOTAL LIE - it most certainly is not!!

The final insult is their asking price: in excess of £40 plus £10 postage!! WTF!?

If you're thinking of buying a splitter for your VW, Audi or Seat - call your local Seat dealer!

The part number is 1ML 805 903 and the price is only £16.99 + VAT (£19.96).

Your local dealer may have one in stock, or at worst you'll have to wait a couple of days for one to be ordered in - they're certainly not rare or hard to find!

So, grab yourself a bargain - don't buy from rip off ebay sellers - head down to your local Seat dealer and buy a Leon Cupra R splitter for half the price!

Also, don't pay for £45 for an hours labour to have it fitted at a garage, DIY fitting guides are available at Seat Cupra (dot) net.

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Obviously, I'll not be getting any thanks from RIP OFF MERCHANTS who make massive profits from this item!! (As you can probably tell from the two "no votes" this company found my guide!! lol

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