Sidekick Boxing Gloves

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Sidekick Boxing have became famous for producing some of the finest Boxing gloves on the market today with many professional fighters using Sidekick pro fight gloves for their title bouts. Sidekick have much to offer for all ages and a great selection just for kids.
It is essential to choose the right boxing gloves that suits you for maximum comfort and to reduce injury.

6oz Boxing gloves- These Boxing gloves are ideal for kids aged between 6-13 for all training purposes. However for competitions it may be compulsory to use 10oz gloves for safety.

8oz Boxing Gloves- These Boxing gloves are ideal for kids training. 8oz Boxing gloves are also used for some competitions.

10oz Boxing gloves- These are the most used for competitions in all disciplines. All title bouts should only use 10oz boxing gloves. Traditionally only lace up Boxing gloves were used for competitions but now with the advanced modern velcro boxing gloves the lace ups are becoming rare.

12oz Boxing Gloves - Ideal for general training for people wanting a little extra weight.

16oz Boxing Gloves - These are most recommended for sparring in clubs for safety to both fighters. The extra weight will also improve conditioning. Can also be used for bag and pad work.

Most Boxing gloves are available in real genuine cow hide leather which is the most durable and will last many years. If you are new to the sport or on a budget a synthetic leather is the next best option for boxing gloves.
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