Silky Sugoi 360mm Arborist Curved Pruning Saw

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I never understood the value of a good handsaw in the tree until I discovered Silky Products. Since I have had my Sugoi I only bring the chain saw up into the tree for the really big limbs.

For production work this saw will impress. The extra large teeth have an incredible cuting speed. The blade is designed to cut a channel wide enough so that it prevents binding further into the cut. This is great for sappy woods.

Durabilty is excellent. In the past year Silky has even improved the scabbard in response to customer comments indicating that gets cut when the saw comes in and out. My blade has also maintained a sharp edge long past what I would have expected.

For those who see the length of the saw as a limiting factor there are several other models offered like the Zubat which is 8 inches shorter.

As a final thought, statisics show that the chainsaw is the single most dangerous tool used in the tree industry. When chainsaws are used in the tree this risk goes way up. For those who lack experience and training in this area or who may only have one saw that is too heavy and not really suited suited for use up high, Silky Handsaws like the Sugoi go miles towards mitigating the high risk of chainsaw use.

My Sugoi lives behind the seat of my truck and is my go-to tool of choice when i climb. I'm a better more productive Arborist since i discovered Silky products.

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