Spotting the fake Ralph Lauren polo's!!!!!!

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I already have a couple of these 'Coloured Big Pony' polos that I have purchased from Ralph Lauren on Bold Street, Liverpool, so I am in a great position to compare the 2.

The Ebay polo was far inferior compared to the original. The red '4' on the sleeve was not stitched onto the polo at the top, the embroidery of the Polo players face, the horses' face and the polo stick were very poor with little detail.

The problem is, this advert stated "Genuine Ralph Lauren" we only sell "Authentic Ralph Lauren" products.  Ok, I should have known what I was getting for £20 but surely if the seller states Genuine and Authentic then the item must be?  I feel Ebay have a duty to the purchaser here to ensure the article is genuine. If they are factory seconds, and are in fact genuine this should be stated. 

If you want piece of mind please go into Ralph Lauren before you purchase from Ebay and check them out.  It is however, difficult to tell the quality of the ebay version from a photo.  For what its worth, I was in RL in New Bond St and they have very few coloured Big Ponys left.  They have NO solid colour Big Pony left (in the country!!) so I'm supprised there are so many on Ebay so cheap!

Therefore I'm almost certain the majority of Big Ponys on ebay are, unfortunately, fake....

  • An original Big Pony is £65.00...
  • Ralph Lauren have very few available...
  • The weight of the cloth that the Tee is made out of is lighter (thinner) then a genuine product.

If you don't mind wearing a fake then please ignore this guide however if you'd prefer an original don't try to save £30-£40, just go to Ralph Lauren as the difference is noticable...

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