Stone Island ( Italian Clothing ) Fit First Time Buyers

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Unsure what size you need when buying your first Stone Island / CP company item of clothing

With Stone or CP in Jackets or jumpers

ALWAYS buy a size up from normal UK sizes, if your normally a Large in UK clothing brands (i.e a 42 chest) 100% you will need a XL in anything Stone or CP

When it comes to T shirts and polo's thats really simple,

If you want a fitted look go with normal UK sizing so if your a Large in UK clothing (i.e a 42 chest) go for a Large In Stone or CP ,

However if you prefer wearing your clothing loose, go with the method as above and take a size up.

Stone Island Jeans are the easiest to remember, a 34 waist is a 34 waist dosnt matter what continent your from, just always be aware if it isnt stated what leg length the jeans are they will be the standard italian sizing of a 33" inside leg.

Hopefully our years of experience with Stone Island Clothing will save you any time (and return postage costs) wasted when making your first Stone Island purchase



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