Technics Speakers Buying Guide

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Technics Speakers Buying Guide

The Technics brand supplies an extensive range of CD players, receivers, amplifiers, turntables, and speakers. Technics speakers provide strong sound that fills your home or workspace with music or other audio. Since the introduction of the brand, Technics has developed a long list of speaker offerings, including basic models and high-end items. As you look for Technics speakers, become familiar with the available models and their features to choose the set that suits your lifestyle.


Vintage Technics Speakers

Since Technics began in the 1960s, you can find both modern and vintage speakers for sale on eBay. One excellent model of vintage Technics speakers is the SB-7070 Linear Phase speakers. If you are interested in rare Technics speakers, look for speakers that feature a silver finish as opposed to the wood or plain black that was popular during that era. For instance, a pair of silver finish Technics SB-F1MK2 HD Honeycomb Disc speakers from the 1980s is a superb find if you are an audiophile and a fan of antique speaker systems.


Technics Speakers Size

For a studio or a smaller home, opt for a more compact pair of speakers such as the Technics SB301 two-way speakers. These units feature a simple, boxy design that fits in with your furniture and other home entertainment components. These speakers also supply surprisingly powerful sound for their size. Technics also produced sets of bookshelf speakers designed to fit on the shelves of a bookcase, off the floor and out of the way. Technics floor speakers usually offer three-way sound with deep bass, strong mids, and brilliant highs. With Technic's flair for design, these speakers also become striking accessories for a home cinema set-up. The modern designs are especially stunning with their black and silver finishes and accents.


Wattage and Power Output for Technics Speakers

You also need to decide how much power you want from your Technics speakers. Some of the Technics models boast 200 or 260 watts of power, while smaller or older speakers have lower wattage, such as 75 watts. Keep in mind that although you may crave more intense and powerful speakers, you may not be able to use certain speakers to their full capacity without bothering others in the home or annoying the neighbours.

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