The Best 90mm Fast Flow Shower Tray Wastes For Shower Trays

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Not all shower wastes for shower trays are created equally. There are some really poor examples selling on eBay, ironically for the same price as the higher quality UK sourced equivalents. In this brief guide we present two of the best which have distinct benefits.
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90mm Fast Flow Shower Waste With Flexible Hose

Just looking at the image to the left you can see why we like this product. The flexible hose makes it an absolute breeze to connect existing plumbing beneath a shower tray. If you've ever plumbed in a shower tray you'll know how tricky it can be in some properties where joists and tight spaces combine to make a relatively easy job difficult.

Coupled with this the actual waste has a built in trap to collect any debris that could otherwise block plumbing and cause expensive repairs at a later date - when the plumber has long since gone. The unit is also finished off beautifully with a chrome cover cap. This lifts off to reveal the trap. Save yourself from plumbing nightmares with this easy to fit 90mm shower tray waste.

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90mm Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste With Elbow Connecting Joint

90mm Shower Tray Waste With Elbow Joint Connector

This is our favourite shower tray waste. It doesn't have the flexible hose of the one above but we think that the chunky construction and high quality seals and connectors raise the bar a little. The elbow joint can also be orientated in any direction as required. This is a high quality offering that will wick water away quickly and prevent puddling on the shower base surface, reducing the chance of anyone slipping. This is especially important with low profile shower trays that only have indentations of a few millimetres.

Like the example above this 90mm waste also has a removable chrome cover cap. This looks sleek and modern especially when combined with a low profile shower tray. Beneath the cap is the waste trap to capture any hair or soap deposits from entering the main plumbing system. Buy this product with confidence.

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It's simple really, don't go spending a fortune on a posh shower enclosure or sleek low profile shower tray then skimp on the vital but largely hidden components. As well as shower wastes you can also include basin wastes, bath wastes and concealed cisterns in this statement.

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