The Best Sunglasses for Golfers

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The Best Sunglasses for Golfers

Any keen golfer can testify to experiencing four seasons in one day when out playing golf. For this reason, specialty sunglasses for golfers are designed to protect their eyes, enhance their vision, feel comfortable all day long, and be durable enough to withstand the rigours of a day spent around an 18-hole green, in any type of weather. For those looking to buy the best golfing sunglasses, this guide provides useful information to help buyers find the perfect pair of sunglasses for golfers. Readers can learn about the differences between golfing sunglasses and regular sunglasses, know what to look for when buying new golfing sunglasses, and familiarise themselves with the popular brands of specialty golfing sunglasses available.

Golfing sunglasses are sold in many specialty sunglasses stores, sporting goods stores, golfing stores, and selected optical stores. They are also available online. In this guide, buyers can also find out how to go about buying the best sunglasses for golfers on eBay, no matter what their budget.

Golfing Sunglasses Compared to Regular Sunglasses

Many people are unaware that golfing sunglasses are designed differently from regular driving or fashion sunglasses. The best sunglasses for golfers feature the use of unique technology that enables better protection from the elements, greater vision quality and contrast, and improved comfort and durability than what other sunglasses offer.

The best golfing sunglasses are designed to absorb blue light. This offers greater enhancement of colour contrast. Green colours are more defined, and the white of the golf ball is easier to see against the green background. The blue or grey coloured sky is designed to be muted.

The frames on a pair of golfing sunglasses tend to be minimal, especially around the bottom of the lenses. Many brands even make sunglasses that have no frame around the bottom of the lenses. This is to enhance the wearer's vision of the ball when looking down to hit the golf ball. Thick frames can interfere with a golfer's vision.

The lenses for golf sunglasses are cut differently from regular lenses. The lenses used in sunglasses for golf are designed to reduce any distortion in the lower part of the lens, enabling the wearer to accurately focus on the ball at their feet. Regular sunglasses offer clearer vision in the middle portion of the lens, suitable for driving, and they have greater distortion at the bottom and top of the lenses.

Regular sunglasses are not designed with weight or durability in mind. The best golfing sunglasses are lightweight and durable, often made from polycarbonate or titanium. Golfers need their sunglasses to stay in place when they are looking down at the ball during a swing. A good quality pair of golfing sunglasses is designed to sit securely on the wearer's head and stay in place when he or she moves about.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Sunglasses for Golfers

A golfer looking for the best sunglasses to enhance his or her game should consider a few key points. The sunglasses need to offer adequate eye protection, improve vision quality, provide a comfortable fit, and be durable.

Eye Protection

Golfing sunglasses need to provide 100 percent UV protection. Some golfers like to wear polarised sunglasses, while others find that polarised lenses can interfere with visual depth. Polarised lenses are designed to reduce the glare golfers experience from the sun. The choice between polarised and non-polarised lenses comes down to personal preference. However, all golfers should understand the importance of protecting their eyes from sun damage, as extended sun exposure can lead to permanent eye damage.

Vision Quality

A golfer requires accurate vision up close, when swinging at the ball or when looking out across the fairway towards the putting green. A keen golfer also understands the importance of visual contrast when looking at a white ball against the green of the grass or the blue of the sky. The golfer needs to see the ball accurately at every stage of its flight, from take-off right through to its landing. In order to achieve enhanced visual quality, the best golfing sunglasses are made to mute out the blue colours and enhance the green colours, making it easier for the wearer to spot the white golf ball. One of the ways that this is achieved is by the colour of the lenses.

The Choice of Lens Colours

Buyers have a few options when it comes to choosing the best golfing sunglasses, and it pays to look for some specific colour lenses. The following table provides a list of the popular lenses golfers prefer and a description of each.

Lens Colour


Copper Lenses

Can cause some colour distortion but increase colour contrast, helping to make the contours of the fairway more distinct. They also help to improve depth perception

Yellow Lenses

Ideal on cloudy days. They reduce glare and improve contrast. A darker tint helps to increase visual sharpness

Grey Lenses

Help to keep colours true, ideal for bright sunny conditions as they block out bright light. Ideal for those who do not like to wear sunglasses that distort colours

Amber Lenses

Amber lenses block out blue light, increasing contrast of green colours. Are an ideal choice for changeable weather conditions

Other lens colour options include violet, blue, rose, and brown. However, the lenses in the table above are commonly found in the best sunglasses for golfers, as they provide the visual quality and accuracy golfers require when out on the fairway.

Fit and Comfort

Golf sunglasses need to fit securely on the wearer's head so that they stay in position on the bridge of the nose when the wearer is looking down to prepare for his or her swing. The sunglasses need to be flexible enough to provide comfort for long periods of time. Sunglasses that have flexible arms are an ideal choice, as they stretch to fit the wearer's head comfortably. This is important for a golfer spending long hours on an 18-hole course.

A good quality pair of golf sunglasses is lightweight. Titanium sunglasses and polycarbonate sunglasses are lightweight and durable. To keep sunglasses lightweight, many top brands make them with plastic lenses as opposed to glass lenses.


Titanium and polycarbonate sunglasses are not only lightweight, but they are also very strong, able to withstand the treatment that sunglasses can undergo throughout the day's play.

When it comes to lens durability, many golfers choose to go with sunglasses with plastic lenses. These are less prone to scratching and can often be coated with a scratch-resistant coating.

Popular Brands of Sunglasses for Golfers

A number of specialty sporting manufacturers have created sunglasses specifically with the golfing enthusiast in mind. These brands have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to create some of the best sunglasses for golfers.


One of Oakley's best sunglasses for golfers is the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses. A great benefit of these sunglasses is that the lenses are interchangeable, meaning one can use the lenses that are appropriate for the day's weather conditions.


Callaway X650 golfing sunglasses are considered one of the best choices. Their titanium rimless frames are lightweight and durable, and the nexon technology lenses block out 100 percent of the blue light rays. The adjustable nose tip and non-slip ear tips in these glasses ensure maximum comfort.

Maui Jim

The range of Maui Jim sunglasses is popular among professional and amateur golfers. Maui Jim sunglasses offer excellent protection from glare in both sunny and overcast conditions. They are also very lightweight.


Kaenon Rhino sunglasses offer a wide lens for maximum coverage. Their polarised lenses are lightweight and very strong. Comfortable nose grips provide slip-resistant security and comfort. Lenses are durable and offer 100 percent UV protection.


Ray-Ban RB3403 golfing sunglasses are polarised and feature scratch-resistant lenses. Their frameless lenses allows for maximum visibility. These sunglasses feature contoured arms for maximum comfort.

Finding the Best Sunglasses for Golfers on eBay

To search for the best sunglasses for golfers, buyers simply need to head to eBay and type "golfing sunglasses" into the search bar on eBay's home page. A long list of items that are on sale will appear in a list form. Buyers can further refine their search by using the category options available, which include condition, price, buying format, and item location. If a buyer is only looking for one specific pair of sunglasses, such as Sundog golf sunglasses or polarised golf sunglasses, they just need to type either of these phrases into the search bar.

Payment Options Available to eBay Buyers

Buyers have a number of options when it comes to choosing a payment method for their golfing sunglasses. PayPal is a popular choice for many eBay users, as it is a simple, fast, and effective way to pay for items. Buyers may also be able to pay by credit card, and if the item is being collected in person, some sellers allow payment in cash. It is always recommended that buyers find out the seller's payment options before making a final purchase decision.


Golf is a game played predominantly in the spring and summer. However, the avid golfer is often found out on the green or at the driving range in the off-season, when it may be overcast, windy, or raining. For this reason, the best sunglasses for golfers are designed specifically for the varied conditions a golfer may want to play in. Golfing sunglasses are designed to protect the wearer's eyes from sun damage and provide optimal visual quality to clearly see the ball at close range and at long distances across the fairway. Additionally, the sunglasses are intended to fit comfortably and securely and to be durable and hardwearing. Popular brands of sunglasses designed with the golfer in mind include Oakley, Callaway, Maui Jim, Kaenon, and Ray-Ban. Golfing sunglasses vary significantly in price, and the buyer looking to stick to a tight budget may find it useful to head online to search for the desired pair of golfing sunglasses.

eBay offers a number of tools to make the process easy, with its simple search methods, secure payment options, top-rated sellers, and a wide range of golfing sunglasses of various brands and styles.

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