The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Laptop Batteries

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Laptop Batteries

Few things are more annoying than when a laptop battery loses its ability to retain a charge. This incident also tends to happen at the most inopportune times, such as in the middle of a video conference call, when writing an unsaved document, or during a heated online auction. Replacing a bad laptop battery is usually simple. The old battery just needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. However, laptop batteries can be expensive, and many laptop owners have never had to shop for a battery before. Senseless mistakes are commonly made, such as buying the wrong voltage or the wrong model number.

Laptop batteries can be purchased in brick and mortar stores and online using websites like eBay.. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when browsing for the right battery for one's computer. Following a simple list of do's and don'ts for buying laptop batteries saves shoppers both time and trouble during their searches.

Do's of Buying Laptop Batteries

There are a few rules that one should follow when looking for a new laptop battery. Following the do's of buying laptop batteries helps a shopper feel more confident that the battery purchased is the right choice.

Do Recognise the Signs That the Battery Needs to Be Replaced

The laptop battery should be replaced when the laptop starts experiencing some common symptoms, including if a fully-charged battery dies in less than 30 minutes, the laptop shuts down when the battery says it is fully charged, or the laptop refuses to turn on even with the power cable plugged in. If any of these symptoms occur, the battery is either going bad, or its memory needs to be reset. While there are a few tricks that a laptop manufacturer recommends for resetting a battery's memory, all laptop batteries should be replaced after two years or so.

Do Check the Battery's Manufactured Date

In general, new batteries are only good within 18 months of being manufactured. When shopping for a new battery, shoppers should check the manufactured date on the battery or ask the seller if buying a battery online. Any battery older than 18 months is a poor investment and may need to be replaced again in a short amount of time.

Do Buy the Right Voltage

Not all laptop batteries are created equal. The voltage of a new battery should match the voltage on the existing battery in the laptop. A voltage that is higher or lower than what the laptop needs is detrimental to the laptop and could cause the computer to burn out completely. If this happens, the shopper no longer needs to replace the battery, but rather the entire laptop instead.

Do Buy a New Battery

While refurbished batteries may seem tempting because of their significantly lower prices, it is highly recommended that only new batteries are purchased. Refurbished batteries are older than new batteries, and they can quickly go bad due to their age. Buying a new battery reduces the likelihood of ending up with another dead battery and ensures longer battery life. This saves the shopper more money in the long run.

Do Compare Prices

Batteries can be somewhat expensive, but there are more affordable battery options out there. It is important to make sure the battery purchased is the correct type, voltage, and is in new condition. However, meeting these criteria does not mean that one has to sacrifice a good deal. Many shoppers buy the first products they see, whether in stores or online, without bothering to look at other options. Once shoppers start comparing products, they may be quite surprised to find that identical products are often sold at vastly different prices.

Don'ts of Buying Laptop Batteries

Besides the advice on what one should do when shopping for laptop batteries, there are also several points about what shoppers should not do. Buying a new laptop battery is relatively simple, but there are several possible mistakes that one can make, as laptop batteries vary in type, power, shape, and price.

Don't Forget to Check the Old Battery

Before buying a new laptop battery, it is important that shoppers double check the old battery for the right type, voltage, shape, and size. Many times shoppers order the wrong batteries online or in stores because they think that all laptops use the same battery. However, many laptops within the same product line take different batteries. Even newer versions of the same laptop sometimes change their battery power source. Especially if one's laptop is particularly old, the required battery may be more difficult to find on the market, and verifying the battery's exact specifications is essential.

Don't Buy Used Batteries

Although many companies sell refurbished batteries at a discounted price, it is highly recommended that shoppers stick to new laptop batteries. New batteries are more reliable, have longer lives, and are more likely to be returnable should problems occur. Batteries generally have a shelf life of 18 months, and the majority of refurbished batteries are much older than that. Buying a used battery negates the effect of replacing one's old battery, even if the refurbished battery has been fixed by the seller.

Don't Buy Laptop Batteries Straight from the Brand Store

Many laptop and computer stores sell batteries that they use in their laptops; however, these products come at a marked up price from the manufacturer and can be quite expensive. The same batteries or a generic brand can be found in other stores, as well as online, at much more affordable prices. Quality should not be a concern when buying laptop batteries from somewhere other than the computer's brand store. The only difference is the price.

Don't Forget to Look Online

Many people go straight to the store to buy replacement laptop batteries, and they forget that the same products are often available for much cheaper prices online at sites like eBay. Laptop batteries can be delivered straight to one's door, saving the shopper any overhead cost and the sometimes extreme mark-ups that occur at some brick and mortar stores. Searching online not only helps shoppers find the best prices, it also enables them to easily search for the right batteries. Many options are available for a shopper when looking online, including optimal service life, rechargeable features, and environmentally-friendly materials.

Finding the right laptop battery does not have to be complicated. By following these basic do's and don'ts, shoppers can purchase new batteries for their computers without the worry or stress that comes with purchase complications or mistakes. With a brand new laptop battery installed, users can use their laptops and not have to be concerned about losing any important documents or other valuable work.

Buying Laptop Batteries on eBay

Buying the right battery for one's laptop is an easy task when using eBay.. The website offers its users a large product database, and intuitive search tools give shoppers the ability to navigate through the site's listings to find the most relevant results. For instance, shoppers can use eBay's search box that is found on every page on eBay by inserting keywords that pertain to their interests, such as 'new laptop batteries'' or ' Macbook Pro battery'', into the search box. Searches can be filtered down by designating a budget range, indicating new or used condition, or choosing a preferred location, which saves the shopper on shipping costs.

It is important for shoppers to thoroughly research the reputations of the sellers they wish to deal with for the purchase of new laptop batteries. eBay offers its users a feature known as feedback,, where past customers can leave comments about their experiences with sellers. This feature allows potential customers to screen sellers for reliability and product quality, and this leads to a satisfying eBay buying experience.


Laptops are important tools that often contain years of important documents and sentimental photographs. So when a laptop dies, many people worry about the status of their life's work on the computer. Luckily, a dead battery may very well be the culprit instead of a dead laptop. Most of the time, when a laptop shuts down automatically or when a fully-charged battery suddenly dies, the problem is the laptop battery, not the actual laptop. Laptop batteries are replaceable, and they can be purchased in brick and mortar stores as well as online at websites like eBay.

There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to buying laptop batteries. Following wise advice, such as choosing new batteries over refurbished batteries, checking for the manufactured date and voltage on the battery, and comparing prices, helps shoppers make excellent purchasing decisions. Less expensive laptop batteries can still maintain high quality and offer a long service life. Knowing how to find the right laptop battery at the best price is the key. With a new battery inserted into a laptop computer, browsing the Internet and getting some work done can smoothly proceed as if it was never interrupted, and that makes for a satisfying experience.

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