The Olympus Trip 35

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The Olympus Trip 35

Who do you think you are? David Bailey?

This superb little Camera was the subject of the well remembered TV campaign in the early seventies using the above slogan.

The Olympus Trip 35 is a 35mm full frame camerawith a sharp Zuiko 40mm/F2.8 lens, AE with two shutter speeds (1/40 and 1/200 sec), three zone focusing (no rangefinder). 43.5mm filter size. It was one of the longest running camera models - introduced in 1967 and was discontinued in 1984.

NOTE- This camera is NOT a rangefinder, although it looks a bit like one! 

Still capable of taking remarkably good shots in automatic and manual modes it is readily available on Ebay and from charity shops - however caveat emptor applies! The trip has two main weak points when bought 2nd (or 10th!) hand.

Firstly the light seals are almost certainly perished and will need replacing. To check open the back and check at the hinge end of the door and the adjacent body - a sticky black mess means new seals are needed. Note that the upper and lower body rails do not have to be sealed (but it's a good idea to seal them anyway!)

Secondly the automatic exposure if often faulty - to check set the Camera on auto 'A' and 'wind on' (no film needs to be present). To check put on the lens cap or cover the lens and surrounding photcell with your hand. Now press the shutter release button. If the shutter does not release and a red 'flag' appears in the view finder then all is probably well!

The Camera had a zipped soft case as a popular accessory - but it didn't wear well! Most examples, however good their condition, will have a scruffy case!

How much is it worth?

A Near mint example in the original box with instructions and renewed light seals may be up to £25

The more common well used example in working order but needing new seals is around £8 to £10

Not working? - Worth nothing except for spares!

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