The Top 3 Printers for Your Business

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Emails, contracts and business class flight itineraries: Your office printer has a lot of work to get through. These printers are up to the job.

1. Workgroup Printer

Work in a medium or large office with a very high print turnout? Workgroup printers were made for this stuff. They connect through your computer network, so everyone can seamlessly print documents from their work computers or laptops. Workgroup printers have their own hard drives, processors and memory so they can store and queue multiple print jobs while churning out other documents. Some are even able to store fonts, so your materials will always look on-brand. Capacity and speed will depend on the model or make you go for, but laser printers can generally produce over 10,000 pages before you need to replace the toner cartridge, and inkjet printers will need an ink replacement about the same time.

2. All-In-One Printer

If you work in a smaller office, an all-in-one printer is a good space-saving choice. These models do triple duty as printers, photocopiers and flatbed scanners, so you don't need to find extra space (or budget) for those essentials. Some even have inbuilt fax machines, just in case you have clients who prefer to use that technology. Maintenance is cheaper on one machine than four, and if something does go wrong you only have one manufacturer to get in touch with. The downside is that if someone's using the scanner, you won't be able to print until they're finished. If something goes wrong with the fax machine, you might need to wait for a repair before you can print off that file.

3. Mobile Printer

If you really want to impress your staff and clients, pick up a mobile printer (in addition to your larger, official one, of course). They're small and portable, so travelling team members can take them along when they're off to business meetings – ideal if they're still revising the final draft of that big presentation on the train. They can also print wirelessly from devices other than a PC or laptop, such as smartphones and tablets. Leaving the printer in the middle of your conference table means that if you're in a meeting and want to hand out copies of a document that's come up in conversation, you can do it at the flick of a finger on your smartphone. Despite their small size, mobile printers can be very efficient and good quality, although they do come with a high price tag.