Thinking of buying doppler/sonicaid.?

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If you are thinking of buying a sonicad or fetal doppler please be very careful.  What would you do if you did not hear baby's heartbeat, could you tell if it was fast or slow? could you tell if the baby was in distress? What would you do if you could not find the heartbeat? Do you know how to listen for it? Do you know from how many weeks you can hear it? Do you know what is normal for your gestation?


Midwives and doctors train for years to understand your babies heartbeat, and even we have to ask each other from time to time what we think. 


If you are worried bout your pregnancy or fetal movements you need to contact your midwife or hospital asap.  A doppler used by your partner or yourself could be very dangerous, not reassuring as described in some of the ebay ads.  Please think carefully.  Your antenatal care will provide all the reassurance you need .  if you are worried and want to listen to the baby heartbeat you need to speak to your midwife.  The most important thing a mum can do is observe the baby's movements


written by a midwife

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