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How to use Thixofix:

Thixofix is a thixotropic (gel like) contact adhesive that eliminates mess while still providing good, strong bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. It has good heat resistance and is best used for the following applications:

laminated plastics to wood, hardboard, chipboard, etc. Thixofix is a very versatile adhesive and will bond laminated plastics, rigid PVC, cork, rubber, leather, fabrics, wood, painted and unpainted metal, hardboard, plaster, plasterboard, chipboard, etc.

Its application is easy, due to its gel like consistency, it spreads like butter; a spreader comes with each tin which gives the ideal amount of adhesive spread across your surfaces. We recommend using the product as such:

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust, oil or grease. Do not stir the adhesive. The materials to be bonded should be dry and free from dust, grit, oil and grease. On absorbent surfaces, such as plywood, hardboard and plasterboard, a primer coat of Thixofix may be necessary. Firstly, hold the Alpha spreader UPRIGHT and spread a uniform coat of adhesive over BOTH surfaces to be bonded. This will help to ensure the correct amount of adhesive is applied. A useful tip when using the spreader is to  ensure that the ridges of adhesive run vertically on one surface and horizontally on the other. Take special care that all edges are properly coated with adhesive. Secondly, allow the Thixofix to become "touch dry", (normally this will be 10-15 minutes, although this can be longer in cold, damp conditions), but no longer than 25 minutes.
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