Top Anti-allergy Bedding Options

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Top Anti-allergy Bedding Options

If you or a family member suffers from skin allergies, dust allergies, asthma, or dust mite allergies, then you need anti-allergy bedding. There are several different types and materials of anti-allergen bedding from which you can choose. By learning about some of the top anti-allergy bedding brands, you can make an informed purchase decision.


AllerSafe Anti-Allergy Bedding

AllerSafe is one of the most recommended anti-allergen bedding brands in the UK. AllerSafe's range of anti-allergen bedding includes duvet covers, pillowcases, bed linens, mattress protectors, encasements, and nursery bedding. Many of these products have a seal from The British Allergy Foundation for effectiveness, which is something to check for no matter what brand you decide to buy.


Naturelle Anti-Allergy Bedding

Naturelle is one of the most comfortable all-natural anti-allergy bedding, but it can be expensive. Naturelle bedding features both the British Allergy Foundation seal and the Eco-Tex guarantee that it is 100 per cent organic. The cotton used for the bedding is non-processed, non-dyed cotton that offers allergen proof design without holding in heat.


CottonSafe Anti-Allergy Bedding

CottonSafe is a great brand to consider if you have babies with allergies or asthma, as the brands has several products just for babies, including waterproof anti-allergen mattress covers. Most of their anti-allergen bedding features cotton terrycloth with a non-PVC backing for waterproofing. CottonSafe offers bedding covers including pillow and mattress covers for adults and children.


Soak and Sleep Anti-Allergy Bedding

Soak and Sleep sells luxury anti-allergen cotton bedding including pillows, cases and protectors, mattress covers and allergen guards, duvets, duvet covers, as well as mattresses. Essentially, the brand offers everything you might need for turning your bedroom into an allergy-free zone. Products include cotton, microfibre, hollowfibre, silk lined, and more, so you can also choose a material that you love. Soak and Sleep bedding features the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.


Astex Allergy Control Bedding

Astex carries several different types and styles of anti-allergen bedding and all of it has the UK Allergy Foundation seal. The London School of Hygiene tested and approved Astex as proven to control dust mites and other allergens. Astex offers a number of different sizes of bedding, and have sheets, pillows, duvets and duvet covers, and allergen guards for sale.