Towbar Types Flange, Swan neck & Detachable

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The most popular type of towbar in the UK. They are the most versitile type to use with bumper protector plates, bolt on stabilisers, spacer plates, Al-ko balls and bolt on type cycle carriers. Flange type towbars are the most widely available for all makes and models then any other towbar type and are the most competitively priced being the cheapest out of the three. These types of towbar are non-removable and may also interfere with parking sensors if fitted on vehicle.

These Types of towbar are more commonly used in Europe but are becoming more popular over here in the UK due to the introduction of Al-ko type stabilisers which are now coming as standard on most makes of caravans and certain types of cycle carriers, using a swan neck type towbar eliminates the need for spacer plates and Al-ko balls. With its slimmer design and sockets usally being mounted at the bottom edge of the bumper the swan neck is more discreet and easier on the eye then the flange types and it is also less likely to interfere with any parking sensors in the bumper. These type are again non-removable and cannot be used with bumper protector plates and stabilisers or cycle carriers which require being bolted on.

Becoming more and more popular now in the UK despite being the most expensive type of towbar available at the present. The unique design enables you to remove the neck of towbar leaving just the electrics on show at the bottom edge of bumper which with certain types can be folded up behind the bumper making the towbar and elctrics invisable. With it being of swan neck type again it can be used with Al-ko type stabilisers and certain type of cycle carriers but cannot be used with bumper protector plates and bolt on types of stabiliser or cycle carrier

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