Types of dymo labelwriters

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Frequently Asked Questions,

Q: How many labels can a labelwriter print in it's lifetime,

A: The LabelWriters are designed to print 2 million inches of thermal labels,
Which equals more than 500,000 Standard Address Labels,
Of course, very few people actually print anywhere near that many,
If you were to print 20 labels a day, each day of the year,
It would still take you more than 68 years.

Q: How do I check to see if my thermal head is printing properly,
If you experience problem with broken characters or other print quality issues, you should perform a printer self-test, The self-test verifies that all elements of the print head are in working condition.

How to perform a self-test on labelwriter models 400 & 450,
1. Press and hold down the form-feed button on the front of the printer for 5-10 seconds, (the button with the blue back light),
2. The printer will begin printing vertical lines along the width of the label,
The test pattern will automatically change every 19mm,
3. Once the self-test begins release the form feed button,
4. To stop the self-test press and release the form-feed button,

I have tried this myself on a 400 Turbo and it used 3 labels,
It prints different line patterns to show up any problems with the head, 

Types of Dymo labelwriters,

I have recently made the switch to a labelwriter 400,
I have spent a year hand writing all my address labels,
I must admit it was a chore,
So I decided to look into getting a Dymo LabelWriter,
only to find there where lots of different models,
So I needed to work out which one I wanted,
I chose the 400 as it was all I needed,
Print speed wasn't a problem as I only print around 10 labels per day,

When I was looking into getting a LabelWriter,
Even though the LabelWriter uses a thermal printer,
The cost of the genuine Dymo labels were far to expensive,
Around 9p per label for 99012's (36mm x 89mm),
For a small volume user this is way to expensive,

So before buying the labelwriter,
I checked Ebay,
And there is a healthy supply of different size compatible labels available,
Be wary of the blue backed labels as they may be of lower quality,
These are compatibles though but the cost saving is huge,
I bought 2 x 260 rolls of 36mm x 89mm labels,
For £5.60 delivered that's £2.80 per roll,
This works out at just 1.1p per label,
If you buy 5 rolls at a time the price drops to £9.19 delivered,
This works out at £1.84 per roll or 0.7p per label,
For a low volume user compatible labels are the answer,
So far they are as good as the genuine labels,

Dymo popular label codes & sizes,
14681 = 57mm round CD/DVD label,
99010 = 89mm x 28mm standard address label,
99012 = 89mm x 36mm large address label,
99014 = 101mm x 54mm shipping / name badge label,
99017 = 50mm x 12mm suspension file label,
99018 = 190mm x 38mm small label,
99019 = 190mm x 59mm large label,
11352 = 54mm x 25mm return address label,
11353 = 24mm x 12mm multi purpose label,
11354 = 57mm x 32mm multi purpose label,
11355 = 51mm x 19mm multi purpose label,
11356 = 89mm x 41mm name badge label,
Below I have listed all the different types of labelwriter,
And the differences between each model,

Labelwriter 400,
Features & benefits,
300 dpi print resolution,
Makes labels up to 60mm wide,
40 labels per minute print speed,
Label release feature for simplified loading & unloading of labels,
USB connection,
PC & Mac compatible,
Prints Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, UPC A/E, EAN 8/13,
EAN 128, ITF-14 and interleaved 2 of 5 bar codes,

Labelwriter 400 TURBO,
Everything as per the 400,
+ This labelwriter prints up to 55 labels per minute,
+ Also works with Royal Mail's smart stamp for printing your own stamps,

Labelwriter TWIN TURBO,
Everything as per the 400 TURBO,
+ Flexibility to choose between 2 label styles on the fly,
Automatic switch between left and right side at the end of a label roll,
Total capacity of 2 label rolls,

Labelwriter 450,
This labelwriter prints up to 51 labels per minute,
Also works with Royal Mail's smart stamp for printing your own stamps,
Higher resolution graphics mode at 600 x 300 dpi,
Sleep mode for energy saving, (like your normal printer),
This printer also has a moveable label guide which stops the labels wandering,

Labelwriter 450 TURBO,
Everything as per the 450,
+ prints up to 71 labels per minute,

Labelwriter DUO,
Everthing as per 450 turbo,
Support for 6, 9, 12, 19, 24mm D1 tapes,
Easy load tape drawer, with automatic door slide,

Labelwriter 450 TWIN TURBO,
Have 2 rolls of different labels ready to print at all times,
Prints up to 71 labels per minute,

Labelwriter 4XL,
Prints 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6") labels,
Prints up to 53 labels per minute,
This printer also uses a different power supply from all the other labelwriters,
Output 24 volt 3.75 Amp,

Dymo help desk number,
020 7341 55 29
I have phoned Dymo a couple of times and they are very helpful,
If they don't know the answer they will find out for you,
As well as phoning you back via the number you give them,

On line support is also available,
Copy & paste link below,

Just select your Dymo model from the drop down box in the top left corner,
All the following are available from this website as well as much more,
Software downloads,
Trouble shooting,
Error messages,

I had a spare power supply,
But I didn't know which model labelwriters it was for,
The power supply said,
output 24 volt 1.0 Amp,
Dymo said this power supply was for the older version labelwriters,
And will only work with the following labelwriters,
330 turbo,

Where as the new power supply is,
Output 24 volt 1.75 Amp,

This power supply will fit,
400 turbo,
Twin turbo,
450 turbo,
450 twin turbo,

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