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This is a guide to all things Ugg and also how to get good sheepskin boots without necessarily buying Uggs or being ripped off if you think you are getting Uggs. also tells you about kids' boots, so read on.

Watch out! there are so many people on ebay selling fake Uggs, but if you want real genuine Uggs, a few things can help you find them. Please note I cannot always answer messages via the Reply button because Ebay sometimes doesn't allow contact between members who are not actually trading with each other.

Firstly, a bit about the name Ugg. The original ugg boot was brought to the UK by Aussie surfers; a company in Cornwall, the Celtic Sheepskin Company, started making these ugg boots and trademarked the name Ugg. They later sold the Ugg trademark .

The trademark Ugg australia label is a large UGG with Australia underneath, on a stitched label on the back of the heel. Bear in mind that the owner of the trademark Ugg australia are not actually aussie, so claims of 'real australian ugs mean nothing'. They are owned by the american co. Decker, and although they used to be made in the US and Australia , they are now made almost exclkusively in China. This is not to say all Uggs marked made in China are real!

Back heel Labels with "Made in Australia UGG" are fakes or just generic bog standard aussie 'ugg' boots. In Oz you can get away with selling boots labelled Ugg because they have always called this type of boot 'uggs'.They are not such good quality, so don't waste your money. In fact, instead of a bargain, you could end up with even more to pay as many of these boots are actually ordered by the sller from Australia as and when you buy, so there may be Customs charges to pay when they arrive in the U.K (the sellers that do this often say you should allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery, and this is an indication that it will be ordered from abroad to be sent to you directly; this way the seller doesn't pay the charges and this is how they are able to offer the boots at such a "low" price.) you can buy Uggs from the Ugg australia licensed sites such as the Ugg U.K one. If you go to UggAustralai . com it will take you to the UK version now that Uggs are being sold here by the Ugg co.

Another indicator of fakes is that the seller will only want to be paid by Paypal, and an immediate payment at that. this way no-one can trace their address or even their real name or email address and this means if they are reported for breach of the Trading Descriptions Act (or whatever it's called now!) by selling a fraudulent label and passing it off as real, then it is harder for them to be prosecuted. Fake goods cost the real companies a lot of money each year, and why should someone take your money and not give you what you think you've paid for.

If you want real Ugg Australia boots, buy them from someone who is showing photos of the exact boots they are selling and including a close-up of the label. these boots will cost more if brand new, at least £120(on buy it Now in the UK) because the seller will have bought them  expensive to begin with, and will have paid all Import charges etc.

There is another seller with a guide which includes photos, so do have a look or check really closely against those on the site.

If you don't mind which make you buy, why not buy Celtic Sheepskin boots from their website, or an unwanted pair from Ebay, as after all these were the "original" trademarked uggs and they still have that style, and many more. They are about 30% cheaper than  Uggs from Australia. Why pay just for a label?? I am testing another Aussie brand and will tell you the outcome soon.

If you want a cheaper alternative, buy from Lambland's shop on Ebay (under sheepskin boots) although they only have the stone colour long boots at the moment. Or buy real surfers' ones from Quiksilver, which are the exact style of Uggs, and the Celtic Sheepskin co's, but half the price. what you are looking for is real sheepskin outer, with thick wool inside, as these can be worn barefoot. If you want really luxurious australian boots, Uggs are actually not the best ones.

Be VERY careful when buying used boots which are described as ugg boots, without the capital U, as ugg is a generic name for this style. Read every word carefully. Ask the seller questions: can they send a photo of the label etc. don't be taken in by photos of boots on an Ugg box, or with a receipt for Uggs, because this doesn't prove that those boots are Uggs. and if the photo is just a general website rip, then how can you really tell if the boots you will get are the same? Beware too if there is a photo of some boots, then another photo which is of similar loking boots but obviously not the same pair. The seller wants you to think these are the boots they bought.

In general the real Uggs have names and people selling them will know them, e.g Classic long, classic short, Ultra, Sundance etc, and it is very easy to check the photo against those on the Ugg Australia website. There are several reputable sites here selling real Ugg Australia boots at good prices but you will NOT get them cheaper than £120 unless they are having a Sale, and allow for postage.
It all depends what you want them for, the look or the name. If you are prepared to pay extra for the real thing, then don't get ripped off. And if you want them for the look, don't be ripped off by poor quality. Remember too that Jade Goody and Danielle the WAG wear Uggs; do you really want to wear boots just because thats what celebreties, who are famous for...well, nothing much really except being on telly?
My choice is definitely the Celtic Sheepskin company, they even have kid's ugg style boots for £40 in loads of colours, and they are also machine washable!! (See my guide to buying kids' footwear by going to my profile)My second choice is Quiksilver Nativ for messing about in, and Classic sheepskins but they aren't as waterproof as real Uggs or Celtic ones. Other generic sheepskin boots are available from just sheepskin . co . uk and world of sheepskin, but you do get what you pay for and these are OK but not as luxurious as the expensive ones. I wouldn't bother spending more than £40 on kids' boots as they will be ruined, if you allow them to be real kids that is, and in any case they will grow out of them within a few months. Unlike clothes you can't just buy bigger to grow into, although with sheepskin there is that bit of "give", they stretch to the shape of your child's growing feet, so long as you do not allow the toes to grow right to the very edge of the boot.

Don't use a stiff suede brush on sheepskin; use a sheepskin cleaner and a soft brush. Sheepskin cleaners don't alter the waterproof qualities. MachineWashable sheepskins like Celtic can be washed using Ecover woolwash liquid which is cheaper but better than the "special" sheepskin cleaners.
Just use your sense and you will recognise the good the bad and the Uggly.

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