Vauxhall CD30 MP3 player (Used) - BEWARE!!!!

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Vauxhall CD Mp3 Radios

If you come across an auction for the above radio unit, there are 2 basic checks you need to make.

Ask the seller,
1)  if the radio unit has been fitted into a vehicle before and
2)  if it has been properly divorced from the donor vehicle by a Vauxhall dealership with their Tech2 diagnostic equipment.

This procedure(#2 above) must be adopted  to a) remove  the antitheft protection on the radio and b) to reset the ecu, thereby dissassociating the radio from the original vehicle. You should get this assurance from the seller, and i would ask for confirmation of the Vauxhall dealership who carried out the radio removal and a named contact within said dealership to verify, so that you can be sure that the radio is in the correct state for resale/fitment into another vehicle.
If you do not get the above clarified from the seller AND the Vauxhall dealer, or if they are not prepared to give you the above information, you leave yourself wide open to the possibility of having in your possession a radio that to all intents and purposes, is neither use nor ornament, and will not, repeat, WILL NOT, code into your vehicle.

Also if the seller tries to tell you the radio has been divorced correctly from the donor vehicle and tells you, you dont need a radio code, or otherwise advises you to buy a radio code off ebay, i would suggest you think twice, your setting yourself up for endless hassles and your Vauxhall dealer will not be able to do anything for you. As it is highly likely, the radio has either been stolen OR the radio has not been removed in the way described above by a franchised Vauxhall dealer meaning it is useless to anyone.

N.B. The above only applies to used radios, if a radio has not been fitted to a vehicle, then it will not need divorcing from the donor vehicle. In which case, you will need the security code supplied with the original radio unit and then you will need to visit your local Vauxhall dealer with the radio and your vehicle, to programme the unit to your vehicle.
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