Voltage Converter for Hair Clippers/trimmers: Buyers Guide

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If you've been scouring the market looking for a reliable, effective voltage converter for your U.S. hair clippers (220v to 110v) to power them while you travel, you have come to right place. By the time you finish reading this informative guide, you will know exact which 220v-to-110v voltage converter is right for you to power your 110v hair clippers/trimmers – without the hair clipper loud noise you have come to expect with the average 220v-to-110v transformer/converters.

Voltage Converters for Hair Clippers: Achieving the Correct Performance From Your U.S. Clippers Outside the U.S.A

As you may or may not know, powering a U.S. 110V hair clipper/trimmer in countries other than the U.S.A. and Canada can prove very difficult without some basic knowledge of voltage, frequency, and ampere.
Unfortunately, you cannot simply go to an electrical store and pick up a 220v-to-110v AC step-down transformer and achieve perfect performance from your trimming tool.

Voltage Converter for Hair Clippers 101

If you use a traditional 220v-to-110v 50hz step-down transformer to power your U.S. hair clippers/trimmers, you will, without a doubt, experience hair clipper loud noise. Of course, you can dismantle your device and modify it by stuffing sponges into it; certainly this will eliminate the noise problem — it will also nullify your product warranty. Are you willing to do that?
The noise from a traditional 220v-to-110v 50hz  step-down transformer is due to the fact that the frequency is not converted up to the required 60hz needed to power American 110v 60hz clippers correctly.
Here's what happens: In most hair clippers/trimmers there are two arms encassed in the clipper, one to left and one to right that vibrate towards each other. These two arms are the pieces that make the top and bottom blades to rub together, ultimately cutting the hair that gets trapped in between them.
However, because of the slower cycle at 50hz, these two arms cannot return back to there orginal positions quick enough. This slower movement causes them to bang into one another in the center quiet hard, thereby creating loud noise. Basically, the arms are over-shooting. Under faster operation at 60hz the two arms spring back in good time for smoother, quieter operation 
In the video below, I demonstrate how many people have been modifying their hair clippers and trimmers  and worst of all buying them this way!! with pieces of sponge to eliminate or dampen noise problems that they encounter using standard 220v-to-110v step-down transformers.  I do not recommend doing this to you hair clippers/trimmers or buying them, and I do not accept any responsibility for this demo tip/trick because of guarantee issues.

The Right Way And wrong Way To Power Your Hairclippers/Trimmers
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The Right Way And wrong Way To Power Your Hairclippers/Trimmers

Find the Right 220vto 110v Traditional Voltage Converter for Hair Clippers/Trimmers:

Because most hair clippers are relatively low wattage (typically 15w to 25w) you only really need to purchase 45w traditional transformer/converter to achieve the correct performance. Good quality 45w step-down voltage converter/transformers are fairly reasonable, using costing £9.99 to £19.99:

Ebay stockist of traditional 220V to 110v, 45w step-down transformers:
  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261582895764
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MW-STEP-DOWN-USA-TO-UK-VOLTAGE-CONVERTER-TRANSFORMER-230V-TO-110V-45W-/131276262449?pt=UK_TravelTickets_Accessories_RL&hash=item1e90accc31
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skytronic-651-001-UK-Step-Down-Transformer-USA-to-UK-Voltage-Convertor-45W-New-/171381978699?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_PowerAdaptors_SM&hash=item27e729764b

There are Voltage Converters for Hair Clippers That Requires No Dismantling and No Makeshift Noise Dampeners:

In order to achieve a plug-and-go solution to power your American 110v hair clippers/trimmers anywhere in the world outside of the U.S.A., you will need an international voltage and frequency converter—one that will automatically convert both the voltage to 110v and the frequency to 60hz. With this type of unit, you will never need to dismantle your clippers/trimmers again; you will never have to worry about voiding your warranty by tampering with your hair clippers/trimmers; and you will never waste time opening up your clippers to insert a makeshift noise dampener in order for your hair clippers to operate without noise—but with poor cutting performance.

EBay stockist of international voltage and frequency (220V to 110v, 75w step-down) converters:

  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261562024530 (offers FREE travel case, universal plug adapter, and free postage)
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corded-Shaver-Trimmer-Voltage-Frequency-Converter-/370424566322?pt=Travel_Adapters_Converters&hash=item563f065232 (no travel cases, no universal plug adapter, and no free shipping)

There is only one reliable, effective voltage converter that allows you to enjoy your U.S. hair clippers (220v to 110v) while you travel: The Frequency60Hz international voltage and frequency converter. It eliminates the need to tamper your hair clippers/trimmers so that they operate quietly, and it gives you the peace of mind of knowing your treasured hair cutting tools are being powered properly, safely, and in a way that allows them to cut perfectly—every time.

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