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i bought a quinny zapp at the start of the year for my 14 month old, when i put her in the quinny she filled it ! she is not a over-sized baby, and when she fell asleep she looked so uncomfortable too, and woke-up grumpy.but on a shopping trip i got on the bus into town and the wheels could not make the step because of the bar's underneath.it was no good on small steps and bumps in the path or grass.and it was too wide for the escalator.you need two hands to put it down too, so you can not hold your little one's hand when you put it down.ideal to baffle granny too on how to put it up and down .the quinny is a good but needs a bit more attention than your standard buggy. UP DATE  I bought another quinny zapp for my daughter , now she is 2 1/2 . we bought it to use on holiday. in Gt yarmouth we went camping it could not make the kirbs and grass it was as bad as ever. but good to save space in the car on the way home.Then we went to Ibiza, i would never buy a quinny to use abroard ! it got stuck on the lip of the lift. it could not make the any of the kirbs or steps, it was too wide for the paths. and we could not use it on the hippy market as it kept getting stuck in the gravel. and the dirt track was a no go too.and you need to take the bag to keep it down if going on the bus. And still no good for Laylas quick naps/ sleeps .we did not take it to the beach. Layla spent more time walking on that holiday. and Even Alex said it was the worst buggy we have had ,i did miss my maclaren . the zapp is ok to keep in the car and to use on the flat. + quick up-date i just got a quick smart easy fold pushchair, fab for holiday's it has a reclining seat so your child can sleep in it ! and you can fold it down to stay down without the storage bag ! it folds small and is only 6 kg too. and they are better for your £ £ £  .If you still like the look of the quinny take a look at the zia ! like the quinny , but it lay's back . and is more stable. a bit bigger, and you can also buy a travel bag for them.Took the quicksmart to majorca , it was just the job. it is the best buggy i have had to take on holiday. apart from the bag getting damage . i had no problems with it at all.the big wheels at the bag make it fab for the paths. its the best of the small buggys. depending on your airline it could be taken as hand luggage.  
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