Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set

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The Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet is a robust, multi-functional and high-speed ratchet that is designed to save you both time and effort when driving and removing fasteners. The Zyklop Speed is actually 6 tools in one and can be used as a Fine-Tooth Ratchet, Flex-Head Ratchet, Angle Ratchet, Quick-Release Ratchet, Power Ratchet, Screwdriver (When Used With Screwdriver Bit Adaptor).

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic Kraftform handle fits comfortably in the hand with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and make repeated turning easier. The ratchet head pivots freely to provide enhanced hand clearance especially when working in confined or awkward places. The head can also be locked at 0, 15 and 90 degrees left and right to prevent it from slipping and causing knuckle injury. A simple thumbwheel makes it easy to quickly switch between clockwise and anticlockwise operation regardless of the head position. Using a 1/2" Zyklop adaptor and with the head in the 0 degree position, the ratchet can take a bit and be used like a conventional screwdriver.

Accelerated Fastening

The Zyklop Speed Ratchet has been designed to make work quicker and easier than ever thanks to its rotating mass design. Combined with the rotationally symmetrical Kraftform handle this provides the increased momentum needed to accelerate the screw-driving process. The reversible ratchet with its 72 fine-pitched teeth has a small return angle of only 5 degrees. This short stroke means you can work faster even in confined spaces. The patented spin sleeve allows you to provide added support whilst rotating the handle and allows you to speed tighten screws and bolts.

Drive Sizes Available

Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchets are available with a 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” drive and can be bought on their own or as part of a set that includes sockets, accessories and screwdriver bits.

Zyklop Speed Ratchet Sets

Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet Socket Sets are available in a choice of durable metal case or compact textile boxes. The Zyklop Speed Ratchet Sets with a metal case include dual colour foam lining for quick identification of missing pieces and a laser etched layout diagram in the lid. While the Zyklop Speed Ratchet Sets in a textile box have a space saving design that organises and protects the contents while being easy to carry in your tool kit.
 Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet Sets include combination sockets that can be used for either manual or machine use, but not with impact drivers. Wera Zyklop Sockets feature a knurled back end to allow a reliable grip on the socket even if parts are covered in oil. Using a screwdriver bit adaptor and one of the screwdriver bits included in the set, the ratchet can be used for conventional screwdriving.
 The Wera Zyklop Speed Sets with metal case include additional Zyklop accessories. This may include extensions with a spin sleeve and locking feature that secures the extension into the ratchet head, a sliding t-handle for manual use of the sockets, universal joint, or wobble extension that allows the socket (or screwdriver adaptor) to pivot through 15 degree in all directions.

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