Your Guide To IMPERFECT Stockings sold by NYLONZ Ltd.

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Your Guide To IMPERFECT Stockings sold by NYLONZ Ltd.

NYLONZ Ltd. have been authorised retailers of Eleganti Hosiery since 2001. We stock the full Eleganti range both Perfects & Imperfects.

We often get asked "what is an imperfect stocking?" so have put together this guide so you can make a selection that suits you.

IMPERFECTS are either Fully Fashioned or RHT Stockings that have not passed the manufacturers stringent quality checks. Often marketed as 'UNDERGRADS' or 'FLAWED' during the height of Nylon Stocking Manufacture (1950's - 1970's), Imperfects were sold alongside perfects & were many wearers hosiery of choice.

In Blunt terms:

* If you only intend wearing your Stockings behind closed doors then Imperfects will do the job. They are great for 'Play' or 'DressUP'!

* If you wear your Stockings outdoors as a daily item of apparel or intend wearing them for a Special Occasion then it's probably best to stick with Perfects.

What Imperfection will my 'IMPERFECT' Stockings have?

  • Pull or Snag in the main Leg of the Stocking.
  • Pull, Snag or Ladder in the Foot or Welt of the Stocking (NOT in the main Leg).
  • Sewing Irregularity in the Foot or Welt.  
  • Dying Imperfection (Lighter or Darker Shade than normal)
  • Size Discrepancy (Slightly Longer or Shorter than normal)
  • Pre Production Sample - NO IMPERFECTIONS
  • Production OverRun - NO IMPERFECTIONS

We retail our Imperfect Stockings at vastly lower prices than our Perfects & they represent outstanding value for money.

With well over 1000 pairs sold each month it is impossible for us to inspect any Imperfect Stockings. They are factory sealed in their packs until the wearer opens them.

We have ZERO control over the quality of Imperfect Stockings & as such DO NOT offer any Guarantee or Returns/Refund Policy whatsoever, they are SOLD AS IS.

NYLONZ - 2008  

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