Your Guide to Buying BNWT Shoes

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Your Guide to Buying BNWT Shoes on eBay

When it comes to footwear, "brand new with tags" or BNWT has always been a popular choice. Hygiene is the main motivation, but BNWT has other advantages as well. Modern shoes are designed to adapt to the foot, so once the first owner works them in, they provide less comfort for future wearers or owners. Finding a pair of BNWT shoes is simple, but choosing a good fit requires some skill in picking the right size and features.


BNWT and Its Advantages

BNWT means that the original tags have never been removed from the merchandise. It represents the best condition available online when it comes to shoes. Brand new without tags or BNWOT should have the same quality, but the claim is only based on the retailer's word and reputation. Moreover, items can be labelled as "new" even though they have been used for a few days. "BNWT" is the only term that describes shoes that a previous owner has never worn.



Measure your own foot and use a size chart. Pick a model that is a half size bigger if you are not quite sure about the dimensions. Many brands offer half-sizes, and a slightly larger shoe would cause fewer problems than a tight one.


Arch Support

Proper arch support is a very important factor in shoes for all ages. It is estimated that 20 to 30 per cent of the world's population have an underdeveloped arch on at least one foot. Ill-suiting shoes can make things worse even for those with healthy feet. Men should pay special attention when they select formal shoes. These have a thinner sole and exact greater stress on the foot. Women should pay closer attention to their choice of high heels shoes, which can have a very unnatural arch and become uncomfortable to wear even over small periods of time.


Special Features and Comfort

For sports and physical activities, always look for specialised models. Sports shoes can provide additional shock resistance with thicker soles and air bubble cushioning. They may also provide ankle support and reduce the chances of injury. Sports shoe companies, such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance, produce shoes specialised for different surfaces and sport activities. For advanced comfort, consider the weight of a shoe. A difference of 100 g might not sound like much, but it can drastically influence the shoe performance. Lighter is always better, but do not expect too much when it comes to winter footwear, as it is always heavier due to extra layers.

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